1. Days of Future Piff

    Marvel characters with the most comic appearances

    First half of the video is DC, the second half is all Marvel. Cliffnotes: Spider-man - 15,323 Wolverine- 14,975 Captain America- 10,505 Cyclops- 10,398 Iron Man- 10,072 Storm- 9381 Beast- 9070 Thor-7597 Iceman- 7555 The Thing (Fantastic Four)- 7338 Jean Grey/Phoenix- 7275 Colossus- 7130...
  2. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Why did Starfleet feel entitled to Data's being?

    He was not built by Starfleet yet they act like he's their property. I was watching the episode "offspring" and it pissed me off. The Admiral is the reason Lal died. He scared her to death. She was not property of Starfleet because Data made her from pieces of him. The fear of being taken away...
  3. Crude Abolitionist

    Where African-American Incomes Are Rising -- And Where They're Not - Forbes

    Next, the bottom 10 metros by absolute median household income in 2016: Looking at absolute figures for metros only tells part of the story. It’s just as important — perhaps more so — to find out which metros are showing the largest gains in median household incomes, both for blacks and...
  4. S

    Major data breach AGAIN. Exactis release data on 230M adult Americans

    A new data breach may have exposed personal information of almost every American adult