dave east

  1. ∴ L'esprit de l'escalier

    Albums Jim Jones and Maino "LOBBY BOYZ" - MAY 27, 2022

    Maino SLID on this :whew:
  2. ISO

    Dave East - Hdigh - (Discussion Thread)

  3. ISO

    Dave East freestyle for KITH USA

  4. R

    Dave East ft. Snoop Dogg - 21 Questions (50 Cent Remix)

    Whoo Kid was pushing it but it got leaked
  5. Tunez

    Vado previews new song featuring Lloyd Banks and Dave East

  6. ISO

    Dave East & Harry Fraud - HOFFA (Discussion Thread)

  7. ISO

    Dave East & Millyz | Pablo y Blanco (extended play)

  8. ISO

    Dave East getting into the cannabis business

  9. AMcV'88

    Vado - Checkmate feat Dave East & Jim Jones (VIDEO)

  10. ISO

    Dave East under fire from LGBT community for dissing Lil Nas X again

    :lolbron: East should have kept his mouth shut major P.R. blunder in these times
  11. Playaz Eyez

    Put together the perfect 15 track album for Dave East

  12. ISO

    Dave East and Styles P announce Beloved 2

  13. R

    Snoop Dogg & Dave East Collab Album On The Way

  14. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Pop Smoke - How We Move (Feat. Dave East) dropping tonight

    Official release tonight
  15. Yinny

    Is Dave East flopping because men are jealous of his looks?

    RAP CHANGED EVERYTHING (@daveeast) • Instagram photos and videos We all know how big haters men can be and not support light skinned rappers (Aubrey, Chance). But Dave is “street,” a Crip and raps for the fellas. Are men just hating on his rugged pretty boy persona? He can’t help it that he’s...
  16. R

    V Don ft Dave East - Get Back

    East floated :whew: @ISO @spliz @JordanWearinThe45 @śïñe•qúå_nøn
  17. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Dave East & Kiing Shooter -Welcome To The Party (REMIX)

  18. RJThaGreat

    (FRESH) Dave East, St. Laz, Shrine B - East Coast the Gang

  19. FreshAIG

    Dave East x Nas - Godfather IV on Friday

  20. R

    NEW: Dave East - Even My Haters (Produced by Just Blaze)