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  1. Tariq Nasheed Death Row Records

    Tariq Nasheed Death Row Records

  2. knnymac

    Looks like Keefe D should've kept his mouf shut.....Damn!

    I'll get right to it with the latest interview. I know that it's 10 minutes long but there is a lot of information throughout the whole thing. This is what Reggie had to say about it earlier this week. And here is Keefe D's response to Reggie's interview.
  3. TheDarceKnight

    Snoop Dogg - BODR (Back on Death Row) Album Discussion Thread (2/11/22)

    Production from Hit-Boy, Battlecat, Hi-Tek, Nottz, Bink, Don Cannon, Green Lantern, Soopafly, and more. EDIT: I didn't see a sticky and assumed there wasn't one. Mods can delete
  4. Aje

    It's Been 25 Years Since Pac Was Gunned Down In Vegas [09.07.96]

    Damn, sun. I'm an :flabbynsick: and was a senior in HS when this happened. My boys and I heard about it on Hot 97 in my homey's '88 Camry. To be honest, we thought he'd pull through no problem. We really weren't too concerned (relatively speaking). That was a whole quarter-century ago...
  5. thephatmack

    Some of the best Death Row tracks remain barely heard...

    Enjoy a few,,, I raise you 4 better...
  6. SirReginald

    Death-Row Inmate Skips Last Meal, Asks For Food To Be Given To Homeless Instead

    Good act of kindness before meeting the wizard :salute: Tennessee death-row inmate Don Johnson has asked that his special last meal before Thursday'sscheduled execution be donated to the homeless. The state's Department of Correction said that Johnson turned down the last meal selection and...
  7. Rhule the World

    YNW Melly facing death penalty for double murder of his friends UPDATE: COURT SEEKING DEATH PENALTY

    His music alternated between being a lovey dovey simp nikka & being a killer:huhldup:
  8. B

    AJ Johnson details suge pulling gun on him

    Also, I had no idea Arnez J played Eazy in the 2nd half of the Compton City G's video. :ohhh: Looks like AJ Johnson been through some rough times. Also he discusses that hilarious scene from house party when Robin Harris is roasting his jherri curl. :russ:
  9. G-Eye

    Early Snoop Dogg Mix

    Check out this mix featuring Rarities, Remixes and Unreleased tracks from Snoop Dogg's early and Death Row days...
  10. SirReginald

    Black Husband ACCUSED Of Killing His "EX" White Military Wife (They Gonna Sentence Him To Death)

    Innocent till proven guilty, but RIP to the woman. Full article in link. This dude is about to get the death penalty though because she's military and White :francis: Pictures of the couple.
  11. SirReginald

    You Know, There's NEVER Been A Millionaire On Death Row (Why?...)

    The system has FAILED this young man and I heard he was innocent of pulling the trigger. There was a racial component to this story and classism (which I'm currently reading up on). We the millennials have to BREAK this vicious cycle of elitism and make a fair justice system for ALL. Also...
  12. Jimi Swagger

    Texas Man’s Death Sentence Thrown Out Over Racist Testimony

    Duane E. Buck barged into his girlfriend’s Texas home after she broke up with him and killed her and a friend. Later that morning in July 1995, he fired a rifle at his stepsister, who survived because the bullet just missed her heart. His guilt was never in doubt, and Mr. Buck, 54, who is...
  13. dora_da_destroyer

    Official Game of Thrones Season 8 PREDICTIONS Thread

    I figure we only got 2-3 months to get real predictions/theories down on paper before they start filming in Oct. and set leaks start influencing "theories" and "predictions" :rudy: So let's get them out there... Predictions for the Great War - what locations will fall and in what order? Who...
  14. RukahsLA

    Napoleon: Suge and Pac were very close, Suge had a lot of love for Pac

    Salute to Mu for talkin nothing but reality..
  15. John Hull

    :wow: Unsolved Mysteries Was Snoop A Transformer Cuhzz?

    Spin off that Pimp slappd' thread the other day... I went bacc and looked at the Crip Slob 187 classic video and they was dissing subbing out Slob for Snoop. :patrice: Listen to it again...
  16. Farrinto

    OG Remastered "Long Kiss Goodnight" leaks (New outro)

    4:07 "fukk that man, nikka. I was trying to be on some humble shyt, fukk it man. It's time for toot my horn, man. Toot toot, motherfukker. I'm the nicest nikka in the game, man. Face motherfukking facts, man. What the fukk? If a nikka thinks he can talk with me on the lyrics side, see me. Don't...
  17. Black Haven

    If not for the accident, I honestly think the D.O.C. would've been the GOAT MC

    With tracks like the formula and his verse on the grand finale he was already lyrically up there with top lyricist like rakim, big Daddy Kane, and LL at the time. Combine that with Dre's production you can't tell me he wouldn't have been at least leading the west. Plus I heard that he wrote...
  18. Master V

    Doc Dre left us dry

    I guess Dre a very particular person, I get that he loves his craft and is a major perfectionist but come on We got classic tracks just sitting in vaults. Look at pac, he's go hundred of unreleased tracks that are easily accessible in CDQ form on the internet EX: Look Doc, u ain't impressing...
  19. Vic Damone. Jr

    Pac breaking a DJ's record story

    Some prob already know this but for the folks that don't. Las Vegas, March 16, 1996 The dance floor was filling up at Suge Knight’s Club 662, a semi-legal, stand-alone nightclub on Flamingo Road. A local DJ named Warren Peace was manning the turntables, finally getting the party started. The...
  20. iFightSeagullsForBread

    Sugar Knights "Come To Death Row" speech is one of the GOAT speeches by a black man.

    :wow: Straightforward, perfect timing, short yet powerful. Very inspirational. If you don't find any sense of encouragement to do better, you lost.