1. Flawdaboi

    21-year-old-mother of 2 kills herself veering in oncoming traffic (leaves suicide note on facebook)

    Olivia Popham Car Accident: 21-Year-Old Mother Died Posted Suicide Note On FB It is really heart-breaking to listen to anyone’s suicide note. One such incident took place to a TX resident Olivia Popham. But more saddening part is that, after she posted the video, she met with a horrifying...
  2. DrBanneker

    CDC: antidepressant use regular for 18% of adult women, 8% adult men

    Antidepressant Use Among Adults: United States, 2015-2018 I monitor CDC releases and this study kind of went under the radar due to the bigger stories of the election and COVID. Basically antidepressant use has surged up over the last decade. 2018 numbers show it is particular bad for women...
  3. Unknown Poster

    Okay, let's have a real thread: How do you deal with DEPRESSION?

    ANd let me preface this by saying: IT'S OKAY TO BE DEPRESSED! IT'S OKAY TO BE EMOTIONAL! NEVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU OTHERWISE (for all the bytch ass nikkas tryna police how I post in my PMs I won't respond to). Especially now. There's a pandemic that's killed hundreds of thousands of people...
  4. FAH1223

    US jobless claims soar to record 3.3 million in one week as layoffs jump

  5. Warren Moon

    This isn’t a’s a depression: Banks limiting cash withdrawals worldwide

    A run on the banks is imminent :wow: Some Bank Branches Run Low on Cash as Customers Make Big Withdrawals WASHINGTON—Some branches of U.S. banks and credit unions have run low on cash as customers make big withdrawals, prompting regulators to warn that they are putting their money at...
  6. Warren Moon

    Can we talk about depression being one of the key reasons young black men kill each other?

    A lot of young brehs are deeply depressed. They don’t care about living or dying. They see no future in their lives, they self medicate with substances. With no care about living they internalize that and sometimes that leads to violence. These are tell tell signs of depression yet, for...
  7. 23 Savage

    Suicide is not the answer

    Found out Wednesday night my uncle committed suicide. I tried to tough it out but today would have been his 51st bday & I broke down:to:Tears in my eyes as I type this I pray to God & read my Bible asking the Lord why, but there's nothing any of us can do. I could have reached out to him & try...
  8. pickles

    Coli brehs who have Depression or think they do

    This is a serious thread so no bullshyt. I just want to know how it feels like. How would you describe being depressed?? In your own words tell me how it feels like. And for the brehs getting treatment, how was your life after getting treated??
  9. Da_Eggman

    Got More Picks Than A Little Bit:The Miami Dolphins 2019 Season Thread

    "A loss ain't a loss, it's a lesson" — Shawn Carter @Samson @Remote @intruder v6.1 @madness @Da_Eggman @Stepintoaworld @Meh @Sauce Dab @number21 @Alexander The Great @SoulController @Ain't That Something @mcellas @Freddie.Cane @d o L o b @He Who Posts Well @Alpha Dog I can’t see...
  10. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Urging ALL my brehs no matter where you are in life to PLEASE MEDITATE. Conquer & prevent depression

    Making this thread cuz I'm concerned with how many of y'all are depressed and crying out on here :to: meditation really does work. It's a least worth a try, I'll share my own story: 2010-2011 was rock bottom for me :wow: I didn't wanna kill myself but I definitely wanted to die and would wish...
  11. 23 Savage

    What could possibly be better than watching porn?

    I know the title sounds crazy but this is a cry for help:mjcry: Brehs. I'm laid on the ground in the fetal position rocking back and forth, looking like a New Jack City extra. I've made threads about quitting porn but I keep relapsing :to: I make it for about 20-30 days at a time but then I...
  12. SirReginald

    Why Do You Think This Generation Of Young Adults & Kids Are So Depressed?

    Suicide rates, depression, and etc with our youth. Why do you think those stats are rising? Is it because of the lack of love from the parents (I mean American as a whole)?
  13. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    It Will Take a Political Revolution to Cure the Epidemic of Depression

    We need to change the nature of work, community and wealth distribution. What causes depression and anxiety? I have been a practicing psychologist and psychoanalyst for almost 40 years and have seen hundreds of patients suffering from both. In my experience, some factors are obvious. People who...
  14. Tommy Fits

    They suck again...the official 2018 NY Mets Rant

    We're back at it again, back to being the usual laughingstock of baseball, last year ended on a depressing note so let's keep the ball rolling and start this season on a depressing note @Conz@SpideyMan@September@Captain_Crunch@captaincharisma@LandryFieldsDad@metsfan @Trust Me@JAY? @Carolina...
  15. DatLBCGuy562

    What Do You Feel Would Give You TRUE Happiness & Inner Peace?

    I honestly feel if it wasn't for my daughter, I would've checked out and given up on this life thing long ago :manny: This shyt can be so unfair and cruel sometimes :mjcry: I find myself getting depressed when people win the lottery and I still have to go to work and struggle to make ends meet...
  16. J.E.T.S

    GOAT break up songs and depression anthems

    For the heartbroken and manic depressive brehs. Post some music that gets you though dark times. Yes, JETS been broke before ... I couldn't let it show brehs. :mjcry:
  17. SirReginald

    Guy Commits Suicide At Niagara Falls (NSFW) (Depression Is Serious)

    Depression is no joke even though I face it daily :snoop: RIP to the guy. If you see someone depressed be there for them. P.S. I didn't spoiler it because it wasn't graphic. I just saw him in the water.
  18. G

    I'm about to meet up with and smash a fat sloppy yam from POF

    I'm disgusted with myself brehs. I am 17 and already resorting to this life.
  19. LightSkinYeshua

    my night bruh...

    When you got plans to hang with a shorty u feeling :jawalrus: But she brings her boyfriend along :mjcry: Anyone went through something similar?
  20. SirReginald

    The Plight & DEPRESSION Of Black Men Is Hardly Discussed (Black Men HARDLY Seek Help For Depression)

    THIS THREAD IS MAINLY FOR BLACK MEN ONLY. PART TWO SPIN Before I start this thread I know there's a mental health thread, but I want this topic on one thing and that's us. Listen, the Black women on here have LSA and The Salon. So, most of us brothas just want to discuss this without the...