devin booker

  1. FAH1223

    Did the Suns get damaged goods? Brad Beal to be re-evaluated for lower back strain in 3 weeks

    So we ain’t going to see the Suns big 3 healthy at all this season? :stopitslime:
  2. DaSk8D00D

    With Beal & KD on the Books, it's Time to Get this Chip | Phoenix Suns 2023-2024 Season Thread

    Gonna be an exciting year for Suns fans with new ownership and an entirely overhauled roster. Ishbia has stated that he wants the Suns to be a world class sports organization and seems willing to spend whatever it takes to do so Even made it easier to watch local games for the people:blessed...
  3. Don Homer

    Let's Not Forget that KD and Booker Managed to Take These Nuggets to 6 Games, LeBron and AD got Swept. KAT and Gobert Took Them to 5

    :sas2: Lebron has been swept in EVERY decade of his career you can add this to the list of blunders such as losing to JJ Barea and Dirk Nowitzki
  4. FAH1223

    Suns’ James Jones wins 2021 NBA Executive of the Year

    Dope he won the award and it was announced right before the Suns' first WCF appearance since 2010. Fans get to honor it live. :salute:
  5. Drew Wonder

    Booker (CP) 3: 'Joker, We Coming For YOU N*gga!' The Official Suns vs. Nuggets WCSF Thread

    :lolbron: This'll be a fun series. I got Suns in 6 or 7 due to them being healthier and having the homecourt advantage.
  6. Archangel

    Phoenix Suns rookie, Marquesse Chriss, might have next brehs

    This kid looking like a young Amare out here. Look how he runs the floor. The jumping ability. The shooting ability. I love his aggressiveness already. The defending ability. I know its a veeeery small sample size but Chriss has the potential to capture ROY. I definitely see him getting that...