1. 3Rivers

    Who was the better worker, Brie or Nikki Bella?

    :jbhmm: Brie Nikki
  2. Rhapture

    Keri Hilson waves the white flag like Catset

    Keri Hilson revealed that she has squashed her beef with Beyoncé. Keri Hilson says she and Beyoncé have squashed their long-standing beef that dated back to 2009 when she dissed the beloved singer in her track "Turnin’ Me On.” Hilson discussed her relationship with Beyoncé "Beyonce and and...
  3. Rhapture

    Dionne Warwick was so out of place between Gladys and Patti

    It's like she was trying to be the Beyonce but she ended up being the Michelle. Patti and Gladys would chuckle at Dionne trying to follow behind them during the Sisters in the name of Love concert. 1:57 to 2:06 Here again Patti and Gladys being on the Oprah show being Geminis and doing...
  4. Playaz Eyez

    Victoria on retirement, Divas title, and TNA Knockouts

    Victoria/Tara was probably one of my favorite women’s wrestlers ever. Always thought she was underrated the WWE made a terrible decision switching her from psycho heel to silly ass dancing face:hhh: Angelina Love late in this video :picard:surgery and time hasn’t been kind to her
  5. The Amerikkkan Idol

    How Long Before Vince McMahon/WWE Gets Weinstein'd?

    Like seriously? You already know some of those Playboy bunnies/fitness models from like 10 years ago have been salivating watching all the attention these Weinstein broads have been getting for "standing up to Harvey" years after the fact. So, who do you think will be the first "brave" diva to...
  6. Bart simpson

    Underrated and overrated wwe/wcw divas

    Sable is MAD overrated :hhh: But Ivory could get it no pull out :shaq:X:takedat: She had some decent thickness for a diva What yall think?
  7. Bart simpson

    Underrated or overrated wrestling divas

    I always thought sable was overrated :hhh: But some reason Ivory could get it :youngsabo: Kinda thick for wwe diva
  8. Playaz Eyez

    Another WWE Throwback - Candice Michelle Meets the Mat (2007)

    Watching this live I was :hhh::scust::picard:Turns out she ended up cracking her clavicle and nearly knocking herself out in the process. To make shyt worse, Beth Phoenix just yanks her by the head and lifeless limp arm, drags her and pins her:dead::damn:. Don't really remember what was...
  9. J

    Possible Injury To Sasha Banks?

    Look at how her head hits the canvas:damn: might be the reason Team BAD was eliminated so quickly at SS and didn't appear on Raw. I hope it just looked worse than it was.
  10. TheGreatShowtime

    Paige is GOD AWFUL.

    I'm fukking sick of Paige. Everything about her sucks. Her promos suck. Her matches suck. Her melanin count is too low. She's unoriginal. She's a hypocrite. Most importantly, she's annoying on every show that she's on. Time to go in. Let's start with her originality, or lack thereof...
  11. J

    Name Your Stable After A Porn Site Brehettes

    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter As noted, WWE has given Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte the "Submission Sorority" name for their stable. WWE did not do proper research and quickly found out that this is the same name of an adult website. There's talk of changing the group name to The...
  12. Lord Scion

    Vice Article: Meet Sandra Gray, the Veteran Seamstress of the WWE

    http://www.vice.com/read/meet-sandra-gray-the-veteran-seamstress-of-the-wwe-689 In 1994, a young woman walked into a Marietta, Georgia fabric shop looking for someone to make a last-minute costume for her boyfriend. Two years later, that young woman would become Sable, WWE Diva, wrestling...