dj akademiks

  1. RasNas

    Akademiks voting for Trump 2024

  2. DrexlersFade

    DJ Akademiks Speaks On Rappers Humiliating Themselves For Billionaires(That Kanye Clip Though):scust:

    This has been going on for over 30 years Pac bragged about fukking a black mans wife and threatened to kill his kids just to die broke and make jimmy iovine rich.
  3. ISO

    Coli daddies Tariq and Ak team up for a podcast for the ages :wow:

  4. Tunechi

    2 Chainz Confirms "ColleGrove 2" Is Being Released In 2022 & Lil Wayne Will Be On Every Song

    In an interview with DJ Akademiks for his “Off The Record” podcast, 2 Chainz confirmed that his and Lil Wayne‘s sequel to their ColleGrove joint album will be released this year. Even though Tity Boi mentioned ColleGrove 2 would originally drop in 2020, he has now revealed (listen to the audio...
  5. Jammer22

    FreshnFit goes left cause Dj Ak pissed off concealed carrying Insta-thot (Allegedly)

    Ya'll skip to the last 12 mins in. Some chick named Whitney Ledawn got into a shouting match with Ak because he called her out for being a insta thot and church woman at the same time. He decides to spark it up when she mentions she bout to leave and sparks another argument. shyt escalates until...
  6. Rawster

    Shotti to 6ix9ine on Wiretap "We Must Avenge Kidnapping, Stop Trolling & Get Bulletproof Trucks"

    Bro is channeling the spirit of Pac on this wiretap. :pacspit: It's like a Ray Lewis half time locker room speech for gangsters. it's sad because you can hear as Shotti is motivating 6ix9ine to be a boss that he really loved Tekashi and gave him heartfelt advice on how to move, protect...
  7. Kairi Irving

    Which Coli Poster was on this xxxtentacion stream LMAO

    Someone said "fukk all CACS" at 15:55 :mjlol:
  8. fishfry600

    DJ Akademiks almost sent to the after life by instagram thot

    When simping goes wrong She started by # me tooing AK by saying he have sex with women when they are drunk.. then she tried to cut him up
  9. Rell Lauren

    DJ Akademiks - 1, Vic Mensa - 0

  10. ReasonableMatic

    XXXTentacion: "Biggie was a better rapper & poet than 2Pac"

    Full 3hour discussion for full context
  11. B

    J Hood: I'm Gonna Put Hands On Dj Akademiks & Joe Budden,Tory Lanez Stole Bars From Me First

  12. L

    DJ Akademiks Legendary HOH Rant

  13. U

    Mixtapes & EPs Miami Dub Section - Issa Roots Trap [2017]

    Dub meets the world of Trap... Intro Trap Skank Mash Dub - Jah Cure x Future x Migos Babylon Did A Sweep - Future Dubbed Goosebumps - Travis Scott Dub & Boujee - Migos x Lil Uzi Vert Low End Dub - Jon Bellion Unforgetabble Dub - Swae Lee x French Montana Miami Dub Section Spotify Playlist...
  14. T

    40 Glocc threatens DJ Akademiks on Instagram

  15. DrX

    Is the avg forum poster jealous of Dj Akademiks? Everyday struggle is about to blow

    Hes basically getting paid to do what most of the people here do for free. He figured out a way to brand and monetize this. After years of grinding, he finally got a show. Hes probably going to blow up with this show because I see everyday struggle taking over and being bigger than the breakfast...
  16. Spacely Sparkus

    Dj Akademiks fans still mad Wale called him the McDonalds of HipHop

    Dislike squad heavy in this lmao Them lil kids be getting so emotional to the truth Vic Mensa been catching that work too :damn: At this rate. Artists aint gon be showing up to the show unless they being super nice to AK
  17. B

    Actor Khleo Thomas Disses Joe Budden For Hating On Lil Yachty

  18. tuckgod

    21 Savage and 22 Savage to fight for Savage title in undercard to the Battle of the Fruits