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  1. C

    Singles The Game - fukk The Police / 12 Packs (Ft. DJ Whookid) (Produced by DJ Paul)

    Drillmatic leftover.
  2. Chris Cool

    Crunchy Black interview with B High: breaks down over Lord Infamous; Paul and Juicy on bullshyt

    180 from them Vlad interviews. Guess he ain't sugar coating no more.
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Juicy J on The Best and Worst Money He's Ever Blown | Men'$ Wealth | Men's Health

    @LevelUp @Hiphoplives4eva @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @hustlevania @mrken12 @Kidd Dibiase @Dog Based Gremlin @SoulController @mobbinfms @Billy Ocean @Juggalo Fred
  4. R

    Project Pat, Paul & Juicy was in they’re bag on this shyt...

    Dj Paul & Juicy at theyre finest.:wow: Paul killin it with the scratches, the weird guitar n strings sample, the chops, and Project Pat straighy floated and blessed it. He’ The rest of the album was fire too. Don’t know why it don’t get mentioned with Pat’s first 2 albums though. I’m high as...
  5. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    Da Headbussaz Album is so Slept on

    and the classic (chopped and screwed like it should be)
  6. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    DJ Paul remastered the '94 classic Sweet Robbery Pt.1 w/Video

    classic killaman shyt :patrice:
  7. ReturnOfJudah

    DJ Paul’s crazy toy collection

  8. Playaz Eyez

    So I managed to sit through all 11 minutes of this ICP “Psypher”....

    The visuals :leon: DJ Paul:salute: Stitches :skip::skip: Pretty much everyone else :gucci::hhh: I wanted to cut it off after the DJ Paul verse, but by then I was already 8 minutes in :mjlol: Never listened to Esham in all my life even though I’ve heard of him dating back to Murderdog...
  9. Playaz Eyez

    Post The Worst Remixes You’ve Heard

    Poppin My Collar is one of my favorite songs ever, especially the version with Project Pat that had a video to it. I heard there was another remix that had Lil Flip and DMX on it, and I was hype about it, until I found out it was produced by Cracktracks, and then it dropped.... How do you...
  10. KickPush

    DJ Paul foresight is amazing

    He was always ahead of his time so I have no reason to doubt him on this
  11. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    DJ Paul releasing tracks with unheard Lord Infamous verses :phew:

    paul on some harmonizing shyt and prolly his best bars i ever heard him spit. :whew: RIP the futuristic rowdy bounty hunter I'm doin' shyt that get you centuries in penitentiaries You ever mention me, severe the injury
  12. Chris Cool

    (what's left of) Three 6 byke?

    :ohhh: so i was looking at upcoming concerts in the LA area and saw Paul and juicy j are booked for the same venue on the same night. And Google has it listed as "Three 6 Mafia / Da Mafia 6ix @ OHM NIGHTCLUB in Los Angeles, CA" :wow:
  13. Playaz Eyez


    GHETTY GREEN GHETTY GREEN, AND THAT'S BY ANY MEANS :blessed::blessed::blessed:
  14. Playaz Eyez

    So What Made Three 6 Mafia Drop This Trash?

    The song was so terrible they put it as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of their album :dead::dead:

    "Say you keep it 100, well where ya keep it then"

  16. Inspect Her Deck

    Classics Discussion: Three 6 Mafia

    Ok so some of y'all will be familiar with a project I'm deciding to run. I made this thread: The Official 'Classic Album' Discussion Thread, trying to reach a conclusion as to what defines a classic album. After much discussion, I am running with this definition personally, so take it as you...
  17. KingsOfKings

    DJ Paul Reflects On Performing With Yo Gotti For The First Time In Memphis After Ending Beef

    Memphis rapper and Three 6 Mafia member, DJ Paul, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on performing with Yo Gotti for the first time on stage in their hometown of Memphis recently after ending their long documented feud and how it came about.
  18. M

    Three 6 Mafia's Dj Paul Talks History,Deaths,Business (45 Minute Link)

    The returns per cd. :ohhh: Good stories, :takedat:
  19. Playaz Eyez

    DJ Paul - Master Of Evil

    01. Welcome 02. Down Bad 03. I’m Just Sayin 04. Bust Dat Cap 05. Dats It Fa Ya ft. Juicy J 06. All Kinda Drugs 07. Play Witcha Life 08. Goin In & Out 09. She Rocks Dat 10. Die Anyway 11. Info 12. I Don’t Know ft. Lord Infamous 13. Lay Down Today ft. Lord Infamous 14. F U 2 ft. Violent J &...
  20. IronFist

    DJ Paul feat. Lord Infamous - Lay Down Today