1. Bart simpson

    Is the Coli gonna smash this soul sucker...

    She probably could succ your soul... Would you risk it???
  2. the miz done

    the miz done

  3. Cel 510 kid ados forever

    Official Russell Westbrook off-season thread.

    Durant going to warriors benefit my Lakers. This just means Westbrook will leave okc for the warriors. He from la and we got young talent on the roster. We win 35 to 40 games we will get him
  4. Reginald Noble

    Public Service Announcement for Young nikkas...Class Dismissed..PERMANENTLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

    I have determined that the time for free (and proactive) awareness is over. If you are age 25 or under and have been fukkin around in life you will find yourself up shyt creek without a paddle. And unless you lower your pride, humble yourself and reach out for help specifically we gonna go head...