dream girl

  1. Rhapture

    H&M tried to sell us jeans through Shakespeare, Dreamgirls, Mary J Blige and police brutality

    Ol boy probably could've survived being shot if She called 911 instead of sangin in his face. Then again she got shot too :mjcry:
  2. BruhManFromTheFifthFlo

    Is She The Coli Dream Girl?

    She only about that action. She want the dikk and nothing else. She HOH :mjgrin: And she about that black power action:pachaha: So is she goals? :sas2:
  3. DrX

    Create your dream woman. Psychically and personality wise what would she be like?

    Pretend you're Dr. Frankenstein. If u could create the prototypical women that fit you perfectly. What would she be like? Psychically and personality wise? For me: - Physically: Black chick(preferably america but doesn't matter), natural hair...like a twist or dreads or some fly shyt, idk... -...