1. wire28

    Flying high in the friendly skies, Cards vs eagles official thread

  2. wire28

    Time to get right or shut it down; giants @ eagles

    Bunch of injuries. The ghost of shaq Leonard at lb. Offense sputtering. Three game streak. Matty P calling defense. Milk dud still calling offense. Time to see if we willing to get back on the right track.
  3. wire28

    Been WHINING all a year for a second chance…Whiners/Eagles Official Thread

    let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a time when a nfl coaching super genius decided to use a second string tight end to block one of the leading edge rushers in the league To a time when a 350 lb man decided to show how tough he was by throwing around a player half his size To a time...
  4. So UnThotful

    "Jumpman Jalen and them (Bull)Dawgs, Time To Run It Back Swiftly" **Official 2023 Philadelphia Eagles Season Thread**

    we back brehs :blessed: :blessed: eagles smilies
  5. KidJSoul

    NFL what have we learned week 17

    No one made a thread :dahell: Jaylen hurts should low key win MVP again :patrice: No one should want to play Tampa in the playoffs other than maybe San Fran Minnesota should not be taken seriously in the playoffs Brady and Rodgers are showing they ain't done yet. Patriots only beat backup...
  6. wire28

    The Philadelphia Eagles May have just released one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time

    The intro :whoo: This might truly be the most versatile offensive line we’ve ever seen :banderas: I can’t wait to see what they got lined up for the summer :wow:
  7. Apprentice

    2022 NFC East Thread

    It’s that time of the year again :salute: Too much spice talk going on :demonic: What y’all gon say when we win the division? I most definitely ain’t worried bout no damn Eagles if this wat Jalen Hurts doin :mjlol: shyt, let’s check in on how the New York Football Giants are doing...
  8. So UnThotful

    "Fertilizing The Flowers This Off-Season" **2022 Philadelphia Eagles Off-Season Thread**

    :wow: that time of year again where we love/hate Howie Roseman FREE AGENTS Genard Avery Derek Barnett Jason Croom Anthony Harris Jordan Howard Ryan Kerrigan Rodney McLeod Steven Nelson Hassan Ridgeway Nate Herbig (RFA) Boston Scott (RFA) Alex Singleton( RFA) Greg Ward(RFA) Andre...
  9. MostReal

    Buffalo Bills DC Leslie Frazier reveals origin story on the nickname DBU

    Frazier was that deal with the Bears before his injury :wow:
  10. A Pimp Named Slickback

    Carson Wentz traded to the Colts for a 2021 3rd, conditional 2022 2nd

  11. Trav

    Black Excellence Bowl Part II: Kyler's Cards on the Table vs The Hurt Eagles

    We had Tua vs Murray; Now we have Hurts vs Tua.
  12. A Pimp Named Slickback

    No more injuries please, sincerely the NFC Least: Eagles vs Giants TNF Game Thread

    Byrdgang Time to restore that December 2019 feeling :mjlit:
  13. A Pimp Named Slickback

    This won't be a cat fight, more like a spanking, we Slay tigers - Eagles vs Bengals game thread

    Birdgang Comeback season :mjlit:
  14. Milomann

    Eagles ain't shyt at night...#Owlgang

  15. gangreen

    All These Injuries Are for da Byrds, Yall Nothin but Vultures: Seahawks vs Eagles Game Thread

    On One Side, Perhaps the only team that’s more banged up than the Eagles, the Seahawks limp into Philadelphia with 16 players on the injured reserve list and as losers in three of their last four games. On the other side, A makeshift offense featuring wide receivers Robert Davis, Greg Ward and...
  16. Sauce Dab

    What did Carson Wentz do to the Eagles? His oline tried to get him killed on the field

    This like that scene in the longest yard :dwillhuh:
  17. JesusFOREVER


  18. JesusFOREVER

    So Bears fans what are you gonna say when your team goes one and done in the postseason

    Mitchell Turdbiscuit is a below average QB who wouldn’t be getting nearly as much praise if he were black, that defense can only carry him for so long and can get beat by any team with a competent QB, the Eagles gonna go down there and fukk em up, Foles is cooking right now and they got hella...
  19. JesusFOREVER

    We need to talk about Carson Wentz and Nick Foles

    it's strange to me how everyone is ignoring this, Foles has the Eagles offense looking fuego, he's actually spreading the ball around unlike Wentz And you can see the players play harder for him too, talking bout how the ball moves around during Foles' practices, making shrines for him and shyt...
  20. Sad Eagles fan mjcry

    Sad Eagles fan mjcry