1. Alexander Wiggin

    Albums Game discography vs Eminem discography

    So who has the better disco aka who makes the best music. I have to say that although I was a big emnem fan back in the days and I found The game corny, Jayceon makes the better music. What makes the difference is the game have a better ear for beat, better variety in production, flow and voice...
  2. Negative.Gate

    BORED APE NAZI CLUB (long video)

    Required viewing for everyone as there's hidden nazi symbolism/references scattered throughout this thing. Always felt that this bored ape nft shyt was weird.
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Eminem’s Unintentional Curse On Hip Hop

    :laff: :laff:
  4. Warren Peace

    NFL Player Will Compton gives his top 10 rappers of all time

  5. Treeshaz

    MGK album on pace to sell 100k first week

    First he dating Megan Fox, headlines lollapalooza, and now he bout to sell 100k :picard: When tf did he even have dis many fans better yet why tf does he have dis many fans
  6. Mr Hate Coffee

    What year did black ppl collectively bush Eminem and his music?

    Nowadays Em is the poster boy for "miracle, lyrical" rap. When did that change? I was talking to my 16 year old nephew today and he couldn't believe that there was a time that black people rocked with Eminem. I took him on a history lesson but couldn't remember when everyone gave Eminem the...
  7. Dog Based Gremlin

    Pick 5 Random Numbers to Create Halftime Show Playlist

    5 songs you randomly selected to hear performed for the Halftime show Happy Superbowl Weekend :salute:
  8. Fade Runner 2049

    Wack 100 says he’s going to campaign with Benzino to cancel Eminem for ‘The Racist tapes

    No link yet. They on clubhouse right now. Said he’s gonna play the full tape on his new podcast and do it around Super Bowl time. :jawalrus: Will all this shyt goin on with Joe Rogan, it’s time to ride that wave and put this cac in the headlines for the wrong reason here in 2022:myman:
  9. O Fenômeno

    "So I can sit next to Carson Daly an Fred Durst..." -EMINEM

    Am I the only ly one who thought that shyt was so lame? I was confused on why he was making up lies and airing people business and cacs ate it up... And that dude get put into ALL TIME greats list :mjlol: Em subject matter gotta be the worst in rap history yet he gets overrated and put on a...
  10. Playaz Eyez

    When Eminem dropped “Rap God”, how did your life change?

    :whoo::whoo: Was it such a lyrical feat that you stopped rapping yourself? Did it inspire you to start rapping? Did you instantly place him in your top two and not two????
  11. 93 til

    Dre, Snoop, Em, Mary J. and K. Dot set to perform at SB Halftime Show

  12. Low End Derrick

    The Top 100 Hip-Hop First Weeks of All Time (Visualized) [2021 releases included]

    PS whoever made this used Fabolous' 2001 album Ghetto Fabulous in place of Mystikal's 1998 album Ghetto Fabulous. How we feeling about this? Any unexpected inclusions? Surprising exclusions?
  13. Playaz Eyez

    Did New York go crazy for the club banger Eminem produced for Lloyd Banks??

    Was NY going up for this :whoo::whoo:??? Everybody moving and grooving and not mean mugging???
  14. TheDarceKnight

    Does anyone know what happened to Cashis and Bobby Creek? Any dope music worth checking after Shady?

    I remember after they were signed to Shady 2.0, Bobby Creek and Cashis EPs with Alchemist (the Creekwater one was called Second Hand Smoke) but I don't remember either of them dropping anything on Shady at all, besides a short Cashis project called County Hound. I always thought Creek was kinda...
  15. TheDarceKnight

    D12 - Devil’s Night [Expanded Edition] June 18, 2021

    I don’t care what anyone says. Even though I clown Em a lot here in The Booth, this album was pretty tough. Lot of dope Dre, Mr. Porter, and Em beats on here. And most of D12 besides Bizarre could spit. :manny:
  16. Mike the Executioner

    Hell: The Sequel 10th Anniversary Thread

    The anniversary just passed recently, but who cares? Bad Meets Evil blessed the world for the first time ten years ago. :wow: It's not a mind-blowing project, but I love how most of it is just Eminem and Royce going back and forth flexing about how dope they are. This is what I wish...
  17. White City Black

    “Nuthin’ But A Bxtch Thang” appreciation thread

    Eminem went after several people’s heads on the “Marshall Mathers” joint, including Insane Clown Posse’s. ICP took the “No Vaseline” beat, flipped it, and used it for their reply, “Nuthin” But A bytch Thang” :wow: “You ain’t never chased us outta no club!” :dahell: “Only club you ever...
  18. TheEmpress

    BWL Ep 31, New Eminem, Rowdy Rebel, Lil Baby, 50 Cent & Game, Death By Ass

    [NOW PLAYING] Bruse Wane Live Ep 31, New Eminem, Rowdy Rebel, 50Cen... Wane Live Ep 31: New Eminem, Welcome Home Rowdy Rebel, Lil Baby Does Good, The Ass Of Death, Cassanova's Wife upset about ?, AR AB Stabbed in Jail, E40 Vs Too Short, The Game Says 50 Cent's Top Oponent and more .. Watch The...
  19. A Pimp Named Slickback

    MGK says his beef with Eminem is why his last hip hop album flopped

    I thought yall said he won the beef :mjgrin: He ended up changing genres :dead::dead: