1. JadeB

    Officials warn people to stay away from beaches as massive oil spill reaches Southern California

    A pipeline leak is believed to be the cause of an oil spill, The Los Angeles Times reported. The 13-mile spill is off the coast of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach in Southern California. The spill is expected to come ashore sometime Saturday night and officials warned against swimming...
  2. S

    Green and Environmental Solutions

    Renewable, recyclable, green, and/or environmental solutions to pollution, agriculture, infrastructure, and/or energy.
  3. Jimi Swagger

    Elon Musk's brother Kimbal Musk is disrupting farming with 'food revolution'

    Click to learn more about Square Roots Kimbal Musk - the brother of Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk - is trying to change the way we eat by creating what he calls a "real food revolution". For over a decade, he has run two restaurant chains, The Kitchen and Next Door, which serve dishes...
  4. A Real Human Bean

    US Role in Death of Honduran Activist Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage

  5. M

    "WISCONSIN PRIVATIZATION of Water" Bill on Verge of Passing

    Remember this DAY, you are going to see more weeks like THIS. If any of you chuckleheads try to argue a that this is good legislation, just remember the bad goddamn decisions that are made for profit of water. IT.ALWAYS.ENDS.IN.DISASTER. Wisconsin is now close to being privatized, this is what...
  6. C

    How serious is this California drought?

    What would the impact be if California went completely dry next year like they are saying?
  7. Julius Skrrvin

    Religion/Spirituality Vegetarianism, Veganism, and just reducing your meat intake.

    What do you think brehs. I just watched this last night: Forks over Knives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia And while I would never go vegan or even vegetarian, I was thoroughly convinced that I definitely should scale back my meat intake. This year has been big for me in that regard. I took...