1. Mr anansi

    Hillsong Megachurch Exposed

    Has anyone seen this documentary? wooooow, really shows how the commercialisation of religion is destroying folks. Capitalism in those instances is the god of these crooked pastors. worshipper beware, if they aren't preaching from the bible gtfo there. Watch Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed -...
  2. Ricky Fontaine

    Who Was the Poster Who Caught Judge Joe Brown with a Tranny?

    I saw this video today and immediately thought of that thread. :mjlol: Homeboy even posted a youtube video of his mama cosigning that it happened. I will dap +rep whoever up that thread because that shyt had me dying.:dead:
  3. SirReginald

    "T.I. Wouldn't Return My Calls After Ferguson. He Wasn't Really Down." - Ferguson Organizer

  4. Big Daddy

    Somebody daughter out here bussin it open for some weed and a Cookout tray

    Some dude in Raleigh is pissed off at these hoes and went full #HOH on one of them today :dead: Welcome to NC :blessed: For the cost of a Cookout tray and a gram of loud :shaq:
  5. ReasonableMatic

    Kanye EXPOSED by Givenchy designer Tony Spackman for stealing YEEZY designs (UPDATE: fires staff)

    UPDATE: Kanye fires staffmember
  6. SirReginald

    Florida Teacher Had Sex With Teen, Said Risk Of Getting Caught "Worth It"

    Florida :martin:
  7. The Hon. Stringer Bell

    Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed Beefing Update: Umar never had a psychology license

  8. C

    Wow, Rapper Playboi Carti Gets Exposed as Gay- Atlanta Flu Strikes Again

    Atlanta Rapper Playboi Carti has just been outed on the blogs by his ex gf. Many women in the Atlanta area have sent her screenshots of dms with them, one side ting is even a MAN. His ex gf then publicly posted the following receipts on her Snapchat account. Man in question...
  9. Rell Lauren

    Gilbert Arenas puts Mia Khalifa on the Summer Jam screen EDIT: Complex Publicity stunt

    The tables have turned.
  10. ISO

    Mohamed Bamba exposed by brother :damn:

  11. GreenGhxst

    Dealing with c00ns while being woke

    How do y'all deal with people who aren't woke while you consider yourself woke? What type of things do you see people doing that set you off? This usually isn't a problem for me because I usually don't give a fukk, but on social media platforms I've noticed the levels of c00nery and ignorance...
  12. xd21

    Rappers buy instagram followers, youtube views and twitter followers.

    I decided to change my name from xd21 to ballinlos, but I have some real shyt today for the coli. Rappers buy instagram followers, facebook likes, youtube views and twitter followers. Why? Labels aren't fukking shyt without social media.:russ::russ::russ: @cpvr is my twitter. I'm well known in...
  13. Don'tCallMeLuckyB

    Catch me outside girl social media account hacked! Pedos heading for the hill LOL

    these pedos about to get exposed if this is true. Might as well pump fake a Mexican accent n call ICE on yourself to Get out this situation:mjlol: Watch this be some bullshyt front:chattypatty:
  14. Chubbs

    Desiigner Exposed By Former Label Owner Saad God

  15. WEED

    Chicago Rapper Billionaire Black Responds To Snitching Allegations. Do You Believe Him?

    He's acting kind of guilty in my opinion Previous Vids:
  16. HopeKillCure

    When Balling Goes Wrong! (Plot Twist: It's probably fake Ya'll)

    :mjlol:...:laff::laff:Why would a fair and just GOD allow this to happen:wow: :mjcry: :troll:
  17. ReasonableMatic

    "I have NEVER heard of these dudes" SouLja Boy (UPDATE: tryna pull up on Rico,Rico is at his AirBnb)

    :jbhmm:I NEVER heard of these dudes (Rico Recklezz) I-I-I just made 500K selling shoes :mjlol: I-I-I just signed a million dollar deal :russ: I'm off to Dubai now to get 100K CASH :ohhh: Time to get PAID - SouLja Boy UPDATE: UPDATE 2:
  18. ReasonableMatic

    Soulja Boy just tried to put a hit on Rico Recklezz and got exposed, now coppin pleas (OHHH SHYT!!!)

    nikka said "I'll pay you with a verse, I got some hot shyt for ya":mjlol::russ: :dead: Them Chicago savages weren't havin it :demonic::demonic::demonic: