fantasy football

  1. A Pimp Named Slickback

    How's my fantasy football team look brehs?

    I didn't do as much homework on the players as I wanted to so I kinda winged the draft Im in a PPR league QBs: Kyler Murray, Cam Newton RBs: Miles Sanders, Joe Mixon, JK Dobbins, Marlon Mack WRs: Marquise Brown, AJ Brown, Stefon Diggs, Desean Jackson, Parris Campbell, Jalen Reagor TEs: Zach...
  2. Mrdiaz1021

    Sterling Shepard 2020 Fantasy Outlook

    Sterling Shepard 2020 Fantasy Outlook I think Shepard is a steal and has some major value. What do you guys say after reading this and the supporting data?
  3. Xthough

    Fantasy Football League LOOKING FOR HEADS

    waddup y'all. its that time of the year and I'm here to gather a group of 10-12 heads who want to join a yahoo league for a great fantasy season. looking to keep it high-scoring to make it more interesting and fair as always. also, anyone looking for draftkings/fanduel help please lmk and I...
  4. Dog Based Gremlin

    The Official 2017 NFL Random Thoughts Thread

    or we boycottin? :yeshrug: Redzone hard to resist though :ohlawd:
  5. DonKnock

    Official Fantasy Football Random Thoughts Thread

    This section is very unorganized and a lot of discussion is limited by random specific thread titles that are made for personal situations:patrice: Figured we could use a random thoughts thread for all the good thoughts everyone has that aren't fitting into those thread topics:manny: I'm...
  6. Medicate

    Redskins' Pierre Garcon Sues FanDuel On Behalf Of NFL Players

    :gladbron::pachaha: Redskins WR Garcon leads lawsuit vs. FanDuel Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon is leading a class-action lawsuit for NFL players against daily fantasy site FanDuel, his law firms announced Friday. Garcon is suing for misuse of players' names and...
  7. TrillaMonsoon

    NFL Keeper Advice/Discussion

    I assume most of us have drafts coming up in the next two weeks before the season and it's always good to collaborate with the coli brehs and get input from elsewhere. I'm in a 10 team league where we get 4 Keepers of players who have 3+ years of experience and unlimited keepers of guys in...
  8. Sleepy Walker

    It's Not Fantasy--Year

    I have a 10 could be 12 team league on Right now the draft is Sat. Sept, 5 @ 5pm but that could change. The draft order is random. Send me a PM with your email if you want to sign up.
  9. jwall123

    Who would be down to create/enter a third string coli fantasy football league?

    I've scoured the coliseum to find a Yahoo FF league but missed out on the few I've seen. It looks like there has been a tiered fantasy football system here.I'm looking to create an alternative for those who didnt reply in time for the FF leagues that are already in creation. Who would be down...
  10. William F. Russell

    Evaluate My Trade (Trading TY Hilton, Frank Gore & Mike Wallace for Dez Bryant)

    I proposed trading Hilton, Gore & Wallace and receiving Dez in return in my ESPN NFL Fantasy league. I think I came out a winner in this trade BUT I'm always open to feedback from my Coli brethren. For context: *12-team league; snake draft; $10/player *My team RIGHT NOW consists of...