1. Kornball The Conqueror

    Could Aang the Avatar stop Eren and the rumbling?

  2. S

    Would this man kill you in a fight if he had the skills of Tank/Mayweather

    That Tank thread got me thinking :jbhmm:
  3. Manny2828

    High school student beats black teacher and breaks her leg

  4. Ganso Bomb

    Simp breh comes to the rescue after his PAWG gets the Holy Ghost slapped out her pasty ahh

  5. Clark Wayne

    Get Ultra Instinct pieced up by a dude with his hands down brehs.

    Scrolling through Twitter and saw this shyt. If I’m late my bad fam. The “DAMNNNNN!!!!!!” Is what kills it for me :russ:
  6. R

    I didn’t know Tyson can skate
  7. Ganso Bomb

    Blueface knocks out his girlfriend's dad: "I'm her daddy now😈"

    This is after she beat up his mom and sister too This level of toxic is unmatched. They the real life joker and Harley Quinn:russ:
  8. F

    Loud woman and simp vs Fat Spirit worker

    that nikka played football with that spin move
  9. DatLBCGuy562

    Would You Strike A Woman In This Situation?

    I think I would have blacked out and gone to town. Only so much that a man can take before my self preservation instinct kicks in :hubie:
  10. Him

    Cac kid knocks out other cac kids with one well placed punch.

  11. Apprentice

    Girl Ragdolls Boy, Conversation about nikkas ensues

    shyt crazy be safe bros, I ain’t even wit the gender war shyt but this video clearly show a young boy gettin provoked and tossed by a girl and they in this joint defending that shyt relentlessly nikkas say Twitter ain’t real life but that may be the case for everybody but Gen Z these hoes is...
  12. R

    NBA Vault: Pistons stayed in some shyt

  13. DatLBCGuy562

    Enraged CAC Picks Fight With Gas Station Attendant Breh Over High Beer Prices…

    …as if a employee has something to do with beer prices :what:These people are going more insane than they were before. Stock up on firepower brehs. Literally just bought a Mossberg 500 last week :ahh:
  14. Divine Gaim

    Prime 50 VS Prime Game, who you got in a fist fight???

    I just watched the How You Do video again. It’s so bittersweet. If they didn’t end up beefing, their run could’ve been crazy. But I paused a frame of them next to each other and guess what I thought?? Who do y’all think would win, UFC cage match!! I know I said prime, but imma post recent pics...
  15. DatLBCGuy562

    2 CACs Try To Cowardly Jump A Black Man. They Both Instantly Regret It…

    :mjlol: fukking fakkits….
  16. It is a mystery

    Does @orbital-fetus have more hands than the rest of the forum?

    I notice every thread I go in, breh is READY to scrap with someone. Even if it has nothing to do with fighting. The word fight + his name shows 10 pages of results of him ready to fight someone[user][0]=1366 at thats just fight...