1. NoirDynosaur

    Taco Bell under heat for using expired ingredients

    Unhealthy af🤢🤮 Why is folks still eating this diarrhea shyt on a platter. Yuck! :scusthov::scusthov:
  2. R

    Have the family recipes been passed down to yall? Do yall implemennt them?

    Hopefully you are all off pork/shellfish btw. That said do yall throw down, especially the soull food brehs or have yall become more casual home cooks? (Spaghetti, jiffy mix cornbread, use of seasoning salt and old bey on everything) * Alfredo pasta of any kind doesn’t count
  3. Antwon Mitchell

    Mac and Cheese. Baked, Creamy, or Both? #Poll

    Do you like your Mac and Cheese baked in the oven with it's golden brown exterior, an ooey gooey cheese pull, and crispy corners awaiting, or creamy and indulgent, made on the stove stop with a homemade roux, no eggs required. :jbhmm: Honestly it doesn't matter to me I'm in love 🥰 with Mac and...
  4. Psalms 37

    WHY every recipe online has a big ass essay before you get it?

    shyt BE A BIG ASS ESSAY before you get to the recipe. They gotta talk about how there granny made mac n cheese when they were little... Then they talm bout how they ate it in Europe on a honeymoon... Then talk about why parmesan cheese is called parmesan THEN FINALLY THE RECIPE :bryan:
  5. trap101

    Naija boyz, I tried Suuya for the first time......

    Fire.... :irvin: . I have a feeling I got overcharged, but it's all good... .shyt was the bomb.... :banderas: Y'all still behind my Ghanian brothers when it comes to Jollof tho.... :smoothmj:
  6. NoirDynosaur

    The best African dishes to try

    These are the actual top best African dishes. Pap en vleis/Shisa nyama/South Africa Piri piri chicken/Mozambique Jollof rice and egusi soup/Nigeria Pastilla au pigeon/b'stilla/Morocco Kurugu Pilau ya Nyama/Kenya Zanzibar Beef Biryani/Zanzibar East Africa Muamba de...
  7. JadeB

    Ever heard of the Poison Squad?

    The Poison Squad: The US Government Experiment That Saw Volunteers Deliberately Eat Poisons The Poison Squad in the room where they ate their delicious poison. Image credit: Public Domain via U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In 1902, in the basement of the Agriculture Department's Bureau of...
  8. TreySav

    Is Food Tok getting too outta pocket?

    These food vids use to be mad tame Chopping up the onionussy like that :damn:
  9. Antwon Mitchell

    What's the most popular YET overrated food/meal in your city? #Questions.

    Hmmm :patrice:for NYC I might say BEC only because you can make it at home and sometimes it'll be better than the local spots as it can be hit or miss depending on where you bought the sandwich from some try to be too fancy with it and miss the mark on what makes the sandwich special in the...
  10. T

    Anyone here been to Switzerland before? 🇨🇭 HElppp

    Not here for a long time and I’m lost 😭 I just ordered McDonalds bc I don’t know what to eat helppppp Any suggestions on food to try? Places to see? Things to do?
  11. Alix217

    I Found More shytty British Food on a Subreddit

    The hell is wrong with these people?
  12. DrBanneker

    Food prices hit all time record highs

    Note these index numbers are prior to the war popping off in Ukraine. This month could be ugly. For context, food prices are now higher than when Arab Spring kicked off. This could get ugly brehs.
  13. tunes757

    Is Food in France really that good?

    Places like England are notoriously know for bad food. However France, particularly Paris is known for food there. Is it overrated or is it good.
  14. JadeB

    America lost foodwise

    Two weeks in Nigeria and damn near everything here is pure and organic. I ate coconuts, mangoes, papayas, chilli peppers, tangerines, free range chickens, goats, beef, rice, cassava etc. :wow: while y'all motherfukkers eating GMOed McDonald's everyday getting colestorol :wow:
  15. BaileyPark31

    Have U Seen "The Platform" On Netflix??

    Can Y'all explain the ending? I'm annoyed I watched the whole thing and was confused about the conclusion.
  16. Ruck

    How a company feed their 6000 Mongolian copper mine workers daily

    :dwillhuh: :damn: :to:
  17. Mufasa Ahadi

    Pick who’s cooking your Thanksgiving Dinner

  18. Ruck

    Happy Thanksgiving Arcadium Brehz - 2021 Edition

    Put your bullshyt agendas aside and lets be thankful for what is important to us. And post what's on the dinner plate. I got prime rib, prawns, chow mein noodles, crab potato salad, asparagus tips, steamed cabbage and steam pork buns :blessed: The fam got custard pie, pumpkin crunch, and...
  19. Another Man

    Bout to hit this sweet lick.....

    My breh put me on...hes shacked up with this engineering broad who makes hella cake, guess her family got cash too. He told me he been tired of her bytching for him to find a job cuz fukk that, and wants some new new anyways, so hes gonna set the bytch up for the okie doke cuz he knows how I...
  20. Mufasa Ahadi

    Single Man & Woman pick date based on their food

    :laff: The men cooked their hearts out. Women gave me mediocre dishes.