1. Surrender Cobra

    Surrender Cobra

  2. JadeB

    This chick who goes to my university just scored the goal of the year

    :whew: Cal State Long Beach finally got a W. Even the non-soccerheads on campus were impressed.
  3. phcitywarrior

    The Official 2022 UCL Final Thread - Liverpool vs Real Madrid: The Clash of the European Heavyweights. Football Heritage is real

    The battle of the European giants is upon us. The club with the most UCL/EC wins (Real Madrid - 13) vs the club with the 3rd most wins (Liverpool - 6). Los Blancos vs the Reds. European football pedigree of the highest order :wow: Does Real Madrid win their 14th EC/UCL Final and complete the...
  4. Mufasa Ahadi

    What it takes to FEED the UT FOOTBALL Team at $7.5 Million TANC Facility

    :wow: Student Athletes are eating good. Putting those Scholarships to work.
  5. Vice Queen

    Declan McMahon, Eldest Son of Shane, Has Committed to Indiana for Football

    This the baby from the Wrestlemania 20 opening
  6. Sohh_lifted

    A7FL Semi Pro Football League..

    Bruhs. :russ::russ::russ::russ:im bored looking for shyt to watch, caught Stadium Network and these cats is playing tackle football, with no helmets or pads. 7 on 7 and they are fukkin wildin!!!! They just finished brawlin after an interception. Heres a link to livestream: Stadium Edit: 2...
  7. Trav

    King Byke to Chase Dem Joes 2 another Burrow: Cincinnati Bengals @ Tennessee Titans 2022

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  8. Ruck

    Young Bucks, Eye Redemption. But it's dependent on the Ute: Utah vs Ohio State - 2022 Rose Bowl

    Apologies to my fellow bredren @Illeye buckmatic. But I figured I give you a break from :cook:. If we don't match Utah's physicality. Its gonna be a long day for us :francis:. Also, are there any Utah fans here? :lupe: Let's make sure we close out the season with a W :jawalrus...
  9. Trav

    When Tampering w/ a Titan of Probabilities; The Bill Comes Due, Always | Bills @ Titans MNF

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  10. MostReal

    Buffalo Bills DC Leslie Frazier reveals origin story on the nickname DBU

    Frazier was that deal with the Bears before his injury :wow:
  11. El Coupeacabra

    What's worse: Missing Layups or Missing tackles?

    Disclaimer: Ion watch Futbòl or Baseball:manny: so whatever the equivalent is y'all can educate me and I'll edit the poll I'm in a workplace discussion about which is more infuriating.... When you're watching (or playing for) a basketball team consistently get to the basket and just miss layup...
  12. KingZaire_

    Why is NBA Media so much worse than other Major Sports

    What is it with NBA media is it because it’s a star driven league? Is it for the clicks? Why do old players and analysts talk down on the new players? What’s going on?:mindblown:
  13. Apprentice

    FCS Playoff Thread

    Real college football playoff start today u hear me
  14. TallMan_J

    Detroit Lions may take Justin Fields in NFL Draft.

    New coach, GM, and a new QB. Us Lions brehs may actually have something to look forward to. shyt, I like Spencer Rattler too. :blessed: Detroit Lions take Ohio State QB Justin Fields in Mel Kiper Jr.'s first NFL mock draft
  15. audemarzz

    UK white woman EXPOSED after rape of 14 year old boy

    Woman, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him play football court hears | Daily Mail Online Mother, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him and a friend play football in the park, court hears Teah Vincent, 32, invited the two...
  16. Milk

    Why US sports are more socialist than European football

  17. Tunechi

    If Lil Wayne had to choose between American football and rap music...

  18. ReturnOfJudah

    This isnt fair