1. Danny Vermin

    Delusional Jamaican Youtube Breh Goes Off: Mag Bam Truth Appreciation Thread

    Y’all ever heard of this Jamaican conspiracy theorist on YouTube called Mag Bam Truth? This nikka is hilarious and fully delusional. I be watching his videos dying of laughter. :mjlol: Here are a few examples of his paranoid fukkery:
  2. Mr anansi

    Christian Brehito wants demons exorcised from his body

    this shyt was on another site i had to post shyt has me dying of laughter, this mf got some serious repressed latent homosexual tendancies. i wish i could speak mexican cause the commentary gotta be the funniest part of the video, yes mexican.
  3. DrBanneker

    The 2021 Coli Analytics Award Thread

    @Barnett114 @TradePascalSiakam @Rarely-Wrong Liggins mods let me know if you can sticky Welcome to the fourth annual theColi Analytics Awards! Year after year we chronicle in hard numbers, the good, bad, weird, and downright crazy users and posts of Coli fame. Once again, big ups to @cook and...
  4. Flex Luger

    The time Sting jacked a police car

    :russ: Nitro fukkery
  5. JadeB

    The US is exporting LA gang wars to destabilize Belize

  6. Flex Luger

    Rick Carlisle steps down

  7. Q

    Foot on neck season continues as Newsweek picks up Wuhan Lab Leak theory/reality?

    :mjlit: Thanks to DRASTIC, we now know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had an extensive collection of coronaviruses gathered over many years of foraging in the bat caves, and that many of them—including the closest known relative to the pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2—came from a mineshaft...
  8. Mr anansi

    Disparage Black people while uplifting others for a professional laugh, brehs.

    who raised these guys?
  9. Mufasa Ahadi

    This fight may have more fukkery than Jake and Nate

  10. Dog Based Gremlin

    Tariq Nasheed roasts 12-year old singer Kedron Bryant - LMAO

    :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: Tariq still wit the shyts, family fukk that c00n song :pacspit:
  11. JadeB

    Y'all want to help pay David Wayne's medical bills?

  12. Chris Evans Laugh

    Chris Evans Laugh

    chris evans laugh
  13. Flex Luger

    Ty Lawson banned for life from Chinese CBA

  14. Doobie Doo

    Vlad sets Boosie up: Reacts to the 1st Transgender Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

    :mjlol: Vlad set him up in the first few seconds:dame:
  15. BlackJesus

    Chinese Try To Bribe Nigerian Official, It Doesn't End Well

    Nigerian politicians are scoring populist points with Chinese migrant workers :mjlol: It appears black folk are slowly waking up.
  16. Kairi Irving

    The Coli Picture Remixer Thread (Reps)

    Post pictures with coli smilies nicely photoshopped over faces or things in pics. Will be handing out reps too. So who wants to partake in the inevitable fukkery that is Picture Remixer? :mjgrin: someone shop :shaq: over nemesis at the top and :dame: and :bryan: on the bottom two :pachaha:
  17. Westbama Heartthrob

    Flashback to the Time Them GD's from Alabama Went in on Rick Ross

    Shyt was funny as fukk when it came out :dead: Everything about it from the overdramatic music in the intro to the brehs making adlibs to first dude damn near swallowing the camera with how close he leaning in Think you're Larry Hoover brehs
  18. King Static X

    Somebody gave Maury access to Tik Tok

    This man is 81 and doing this foolishness :russ: :laff:
  19. Fatboi1

    Xbox Series X will never have exclusives

    This will limit the shyt these games can do for Xbox at least until they're fully exclusive since the CPU in the Xbox One and Xb1X are limited as fukk. No matter which way you cut it, games will be held back if they're made with support for older consoles. Graphics will look fine but physics...