1. MushroomX

    Blonde Gremlin with a Mullet doing Martial Arts Moves screaming Pancakes in Cabin Fever (2002)

    :mjlol: I don't remember much of the Movie itself, aside from the Flesh Eating disease, but this shyt ALWAYS lives in my head because it was fukking absurd. :damn: PANNNCAKEEESSSS. PAAAANNNNNNNCCCCCAAAAAKEEESSSSSSS
  2. Midnight Marauder


    Towards the end :pachaha:
  3. Midnight Marauder

    How Black Parents spank their kids🤣🤣!

    Anyone who got their ass whopped from a belt knows that metal part shyt hurts like a mf!!!:russ:
  4. G

    “All Black Women are the Same”

  5. Aje

    Which Era of Rap Was the Most Dangerous?

  6. Insa Tum-Tum

    Karlous Miller, Tanjareen, Page Kennedy Talk about open marriages - Hilarity ensues, (p.s hoes be fallin off)

    lite brite fell off, OFF. sheeesh. Tanjareen tho, black don't crack. baby girl looks GOOOD!
  7. TreySav

    Throwback: Who knew Stephen A Smith had game like this?

    Stephen A out here macking :mjgrin:
  8. KRayner

    Gopherbreh disrespecting his ops

    He knows exactly what he’s doing :russ:
  9. Midnight Marauder

    NO DIQK Marathon - 30 Episodes Of A Man’s Guide To Dating - Chloe Roma

    Watch for your entertainment
  10. TreySav

    You can only pick 4 black comedians

    Who you got? 🤔 Honorable mention Edit:
  11. JadeB

    Japanese man spends $15,700 on dog costume to fulfill lifelong dream of transforming into an animal :ehh:At least he achieved his dreams
  12. bong hit damn

    bong hit damn

  13. B

    How to find your girlfriend in 10 seconds.

  14. DrBanneker

    2021 TheColi Top Dapped Posts of the Year

    @TradePascalSiakam @Barnett114 @Rarely-Wrong Liggins Following on the 2021 Coli Analytics Thread here we will present the top dapped posts of 2021. The highest dapped posts are a bit lower than last year, maybe because of the end of lockdown, etc. but still were some big draws. REVISED FOR A...
  15. tunes757

    White boy lets the men on TikTok make his tinder profile; gets 30 matches in 5hrs; 600 kept in a mon

    Quick laugh for tonight. Men on TikTok fix his tinder after he lets women do his TikTok for a month. Massive results and sauce given. Tinder profile by women that get no results : Tinder profile set up by “the boys” Zack on TikTok day one results...
  16. MushroomX

    Classic: Owen Hart after kicking Bret's Leg, out of his Leg

    :damn: TOO DAMN SELFISH!
  17. jensyao

    "What is this?" Spice Adams sample skit compilation

    even tho it's the same joke over and again, it's still funny as hell for someone who is a sample head and thoroughly enjoys hip hop I could imagine Spice Adams playing samples to his teammates via headsets instead of the actual rap song and making them react like this DJ Skit
  18. JadeB

    Little breh got so excited to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior that he baptized himself.

  19. DigitalDopeman

    Check me out in this skit with @WhoisJordanJackson lol

    Check me out in this new skit....(blue jacket) Yall go follow the homie @whoisjordanjackson on ig...funny dude. Follow me @looseisdatdope Also check out our new movie TRUTHLESS on Amazon Prime
  20. Ruck

    10 year anniversary of the greatest in game reaction of all time

    My man Hard8. Your favorite commentators favorite commentator. I come back to this every now and then and it always puts me to tears :russ: