1. Chrishaune

    On the trail of the Nephilim

  2. Apprentice

    2022 NFC East Thread

    It’s that time of the year again :salute: Too much spice talk going on :demonic: What y’all gon say when we win the division? I most definitely ain’t worried bout no damn Eagles if this wat Jalen Hurts doin :mjlol: shyt, let’s check in on how the New York Football Giants are doing...
  3. FAH1223

    Happy 20th Anniversary to Michael Strahan's Sack Record

    January 5th, 2002 :wow: :damn:
  4. Low End Derrick

    Smash or Pass: 6'1" Amazonian Single Mother British PAWG

  5. Rhapture

    "Dragon Man" new species of human found in China

    @Chrishaune Nephilim?
  6. Trot LaRoc

    Cacs at CB

    As far as I know Jason Sehorn was the last cac that played CB(even let creh return punts)..I know Edelman played there for a game but I don't count that Do you think they'll ever let a yt dude play corner again? Its lowkey kinda funny how theres a whole ass position that they wont let a white...
  7. A.V.


    EDIT: 3:50 PM UPDATE (SUCK MY dikk!!!) WE GOT HIM BREHS :ahh: Sheagles :umad: Cowgirls :umad: The Team Who Shall Not Be Named :umad: HIGHLIGHTS: One of the most ridiculous games from a WR I've ever seen :wow: QB: Jones RB: Barkley /...
  8. A Pimp Named Slickback

    No more injuries please, sincerely the NFC Least: Eagles vs Giants TNF Game Thread

    Byrdgang Time to restore that December 2019 feeling :mjlit:
  9. D

    NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys game thread

    Jones better score at least 20 against the Cowboys. Not that it will matter :unimpressed:
  10. Archangel

    Imagine if Daniel Jones was a black QB.. White Privilege

    Bro would be a 5th round pick. No numbers to justify him going that high. He was a 0 star ranked recruit coming outta high school bruh. If he was black, he is likely undrafted. That white privilege. Giants said they fell in love with him after watching how professional he was in three series in...
  11. Benjamin Sisko

    Pat Shurmer hasn't won anywhere he has coached at

    So why yall aint tough on coaching hirings last year like yall are this year? :gucci:
  12. The Gimp

    Tell me how Desean Jackson supposed to eat with no air - Buccaneers Vs Giants game thread

  13. Tunechi

    Full 40-Minute Interview: Lil Wayne & Odell Beckham Talk Carter V, Giants, Birdman, Eli Manning & Mo

    After seeing Lil Wayne respond to the negative feedback about this interview in the week, we can now watch Odell Beckham Jr. and Wayne sit down with journalist Josina Anderson to discuss all things about music, sports, their careers, relationship, achievements, and more. During the 40-minute...
  14. D

    Giants vs Texans game thread

    No Ereck Flowers in the game :ld:
  15. D

    Jacksonville Jaguars vs NY Giants game thread

    :Game's on :ehh:
  16. Deflatedhoopdreams

    Breaking News: Ben Mcadoo fired as Giants coach

  17. tuckgod

    Eli benched for Geno

  18. arXiv

    Geno Smith's Early Stats >> Drew Brees'

    The insane untapped potential of Giants backup QB Geno Smith - NY Daily News "Had Brees not received another chance after finishing 2-9 in 2003 — he’d be Geno Smith and not a future Hall of Famer. If that alternate NFL reality troubles you, please read on with an open mind. Brees soon received...
  19. HopeKillCure

    @Big Blue, You About to Go 0-5! Bring Your Punkass in Here Bwoy

    2012 posters y’all:scust: @Big Blue You ole fake ass feminist, soft ass nikkah. You fukkbois can’t even keep y’all friggery consistant. You running down on females like a cheap ass pack rat. I can just imagine your cheap ass, hoe ass on a date. Reasonable :ohhh:. I didn’t even think about...
  20. Doctor Wily

    Madden 18 y'all...