1. bigde09

    2pac died 26 years ago Today

    He has now been dead longer than he was alive :wow: RIP to the GOAT
  2. Days of Future Piff

    Old school, grimy 80s action/sci-fi movies APPRECIATION

    That grimy, dated 80s era of sci-fi movies was my joint :banderas: The practical effects, minature models, creative aliens/monsters/robots, high-tech weapons, spaceships, quotables for days :banderas: The ultraviolence in a lot of those movies :banderas: They really don't make movies like...
  3. O Fenômeno

    "They say that Workin..is what a man suppose to DO"-Michael Jackson

    TIMESTAMPED THE way he delivered that line :wow: "They say that working is what a man suppose to do:ufdup: "
  4. BenchPressPapi

    LeGoat laughs at Coli troll

  5. NastyEscobar

    The GOAT Birthday today

    :salute:What’s y’all favorite moment from the GOATMAN?
  6. BenchPressPapi

    Bronny James stuntin like his daddy

  7. Afro

    The Wire 20th Anniversary Podcast

    :blessed: :wow: :ohhh:
  8. Ruck

    25 years ago. R. Kelly blessed us with probably his best song.

    I am a dude and I rarely listen to female artists. It's not a sexist thing, it's just the subject matter doesn't relate to me most of the time. But this jam right chea? :wow:dis why uncle wahbert is my favorite artist of all time. I wish I was an adult during this period :mjcry:
  9. bigde09

    The Rock Turns 50 Years old Today

    Happy Birthday to the Goat:wow: We getting old brehs :old: :flabbynsick:
  10. drhook94

    Rappers better than Kev Roc of Darc Mind

    Lets discuss rappers with better bar for bar skill than Kev Roc cuz I can't think of many. Old man has been rappin on X-ray's beats since before I was born and that 2nd song is from 2022 - and he's still rappin circles around the radio and yet nobody talks about him. He's one of the best...
  11. Take It In Blood

    Nastradomus predicted the current Ukraine/Russia sh1t 7 years ago

    2nd verse Let Nastradomus tell us what time it is :ahh:
  12. O Fenômeno

    Jackson 5 knock The Beatles out TOP 100..Mike buys their catalog next

    :wow: The Jackson 5 first 4 songs went to No.1 on the 100 chart. They knocked the Beatles out of first place....no.other motown legends couldn't do it. The J5 then in all their interviews have to lie and say they were influenced by the Beatles:mjlol: Mike then goes on to become a global...
  13. Aje

    25th Anniversary of The Passing of THEE Illest: RIP The Notorious Biggie Smalls

  14. Days of Future Piff

    What is the HARDEST Michael Jackson track?

    A lot of cats don't realize how much of a G Michael really was behind closed doors... HISTORY was probably the hardest overall album (Scream, They Don't Care About Us, This Time Around, D.S, Money, Tabloid Junkie, etc.) Why You Wanna Trip on Me is underrated though. Song hits way...
  15. Make it Make Sense

    MJ vs Lebron: Accolades

  16. Ruck

    Jamie Foxx describes how big Michael Jackson was in 80s

    One of the best stories about The King and his greatness. :mj: Had grown ass men :dead: If i had choice to choose 10 million dollars or go see mike at his peak. Im going to see mike hands down :wow:
  17. T.he I.nformant

    Jokic drops 49 in 41 minutes

    MVP had it going tonight. :whoo: Anything else happen tonight? :troll:
  18. Xavier

    Denzel pulls up to family BBQ on the Southside of Chicago

    Granny wasn’t about to let him go :pachaha: Re-enacting that Training Day scene :russ: When he told lil man “you don’t know who I am, but they’ll tell you about me one day” :myman:
  19. It is a mystery

    Sohh I guess PoTY and WOAT got tossed in the bushes?

    Its a whole new year already and nominations havent even begun no year end fukkery? What more will thecoli take from us :mjcry: Posters aren't even trying to do year end playoff runs like Charmander anymore I nominate @Krisrunner2049 and @The Butcher for having the best TLR beef. Its been foot...
  20. SAINT

    Remember when DesiignerNest ran the booth?

    We had this bytch on lock