1. Playaz Eyez

    Rap Radar - Sauce Walka on Only Fans, Ghetto Gospel 3, Busta Rhymes, Griselda.,.

    @shopthatwrecks @Houston911 @who_better_than_me@Rawster @TEKBEATZ @Billy Ocean @mrken12 @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove @Crevard113 @IronFist @hustlemania @Hiphoplives4eva @DEAD7...
  2. Tunechi

    Benny The Butcher plays his "Big Dog" single ft. a dope verse from Lil Wayne

    After first teasing the collaboration in July, Benny The Butcher has now played the full version of “Big Dog” featuring Lil Wayne at an album release party. You can check a video that previews Wayne‘s full verse below and let me tell you, this is another special verse from the greatest rapper...
  3. Tunechi

    "New Orleans to Buffalo" - Benny The Butcher teases new Lil Wayne collab

    Benny The Butcher has teased Lil Wayne will be featured on his forthcoming Alchemist and Hit-Boy co-produced album, Everybody Can’t Go, due to be released on August 11th via Def Jam. While on Instagram Live, Benny played a short preview of the song and Weezy can be heard in the background...
  4. Xtz23

    Estee Nack- Nacksaw Jim Duggan Executive Produced by Westside Gunn

    Estee Nack gxfr solo curated by Westside Gunn May/19 Tracklist 01. Nack Mam Coletrane (Produced By Denny Laflare) 02. Mass Money Wires (Feat. Al.Divino) (Produced By Crucial The Guillotine) 03. Bonductor We Have A Problem (Produced By Conductor) 04. Angel Dior (Produced By JR Swiftz) 05...
  5. W

    Happy Wu Year. A remix of Wu-Tang's "7th Chamber"

    For my trapped in the 90's nyggas Maybe they could hit a festival stage with this one
  6. Xtz23

    Westside Gunn - HWH10 (Discussion Thread)

    Tracklist 1. Intro Feat. AA Rashid (Produced by RZA) 2. FlyGod Jr Feat. Doe Boy & DJ Drama 3. Super Kick Party (Produced by Conductor Williams) 4. Shootouts In Soho Feat. A$AP Rocky & Stove God Cooks (Produced by Denny Laflare) 5. Peppas Feat. Black Star (Produced by Conductor Williams) 6. Nigo...
  7. Low End Derrick

    Freddie Gibbs Fires Shot @ Westside Gunn *Update* Fred Clowns WSG's Streaming Numbers

    :popcorn3: EDIT: Oh shyt! He's doubling down- :heh: EDIT 2: He's still going- :pachaha:
  8. TheDarceKnight

    Edit Mods delete, double thread I didn't see the first my bad

    Mr. Ten08 Tracklist: 01. The Whole Hundro 02. Mortermir Milestone 03. Smacked 04. Dormin’s (feat. 2100 Bagz) 05. My Double Trigger 06. Disco Fever 07. Could Be Worse 08. Flag on the Play 09. Jam Master J 10. Indivisible
  9. CoolinInTheCut

    Benny The Butcher Explains The Last Time He Saw Freddie Gibbs w/ Rory and Mal

  10. T.H.E. Goat

    Rome Streetz feat. Westside Gunn - Non Factor(Official Video)

  11. Playaz Eyez

    Jae Skeese - Revolver Ocelot

    Came out back in August, or at least hit streaming in August with physicals beforehand. @LEEeveryday @TheDarceKnight @LevelUp @choc_cardigan @Animal House @Stone @KingOFKings @BK The Great @Knucklehead @surv2syn @Bickin Back Being Bool @CoolinInTheCut
  12. Playaz Eyez

    The Musalini & Khrysis - Pure IZM

    @TEKBEATZ @mobbinfms @shopthatwrecks @JordanWearinThe45 @Billy Ocean @OnlyInCalifornia @malc @Monoblock @RichYung @General Mills @Art Barr @Jerz-2 @BK The Great @IronFist @TheDarceKnight @Newark88 @DANJ! @Jimmy the gent @King Sun @SoulController @beaniemac @Rakim Allah @FunkDoc1112...
  13. Playaz Eyez

    Rick Hyde - Stima [Drops At Midnight]

    @Hiphoplives4eva @BK The Great @JordanWearinThe45 @dizzy4111 @diggy @kdslittlebro @newarkhiphop @neph27 @ThugLife @Ironman @head shots101@Conscious Pilot @old boy @TrifeGod @sidenikkagawd @Supa @Animal House @Billy Ocean @Juggalo Fred @Bickin Back Being Bool @mozichrome @god shamgod @Morose...
  14. Playaz Eyez

    Flee Lord/Lord Mobb - Pray For Evil 3

    @Hiphoplives4eva @JordanWearinThe45 @dizzy4111 @diggy @kdslittlebro @newarkhiphop @neph27 @ThugLife @Ironman @head shots101 @Conscious Pilot @old boy @TrifeGod @sidenikkagawd @Supa @Animal House @Billy Ocean @Juggalo Fred @Bickin Back Being Bool @mozichrome @god shamgod @OnlyInCalifornia @malc...
  15. Playaz Eyez

    7xveTheGenius - Self 7xve 2 (EP)

    She mad dope but she’d probably get more love if people actually knew her name was pronounced “Love The Genius” lmao @Hiphoplives4eva @BK The Great @JordanWearinThe45 @dizzy4111 @diggy @kdslittlebro @newarkhiphop @neph27 @ThugLife @Ironman @head shots101 @Conscious Pilot @old boy...
  16. Rell Lauren

    Westside Gunn - Michelle Records (TBD)

    EDIT: Cover revealed.
  17. TheDarceKnight

    Jay Worthy & Larry June: 2 Pz in a Pod

  18. Playaz Eyez

    Elcamino & Chase Fetti - Bethlehem

    @OnlyInCalifornia @malc @Monoblock @RichYung @General Mills @Art Barr @Jerz-2 @BK The Great @IronFist @TheDarceKnight @Newark88 @DANJ! @Jimmy the gent @King Sun @SoulController @beaniemac @Rakim Allah @torcher @Ensi @mobbinfms @blazn101 @ill Clinton @Barnett114 @TEKBEATZ @steadyrighteous...
  19. TheDarceKnight

    Conway the Machine - Stressed (prod. Daringer)

    Incredibly heavy song :damn: :mjcry:
  20. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Conway has officially left Griselda