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    COVID-19 hospitalizations average $4,000 in out-of-pocket costs per visit, research says By Deidre McPhillips, CNN Measures to protect patients hospitalized with COVID-19 from financial liability have been rolled back by most insurers in the United States, leaving the vast majority of patients with an...
  2. Rhapture

    Medicaid expansion may help shrink health gaps between black and white babies

    Medicaid expansion may help shrink health gaps between black and white babies Better access to health care is reducing disparities, a study of 15.6 million infants finds BY SUJATA GUPTA 11:05AM, APRIL 23, 2019 SHARE ARTICLE SHRINKING DISPARITIES A new study suggests that expanding...
  3. FAH1223

    Health Insurance, Pharma, and Hospital Lobby plan to kill "Medicare for All" with eyes on 2020

    LONG READ But its the same tactics as the 1990s
  4. Jimi Swagger

    Premiums for most popular ObamaCare plans to rise 34 percent

    Premiums for the most popular ObamaCare plans are rising by an average of 34 percent in 2018 in states that use, according to a new independent analysis. The study released Wednesday by consulting firm Avalere Health said the premium increases in "silver" plans are being driven...
  5. Professor Emeritus

    Donald Trump clarifies why it's tough to get coverage for preexisting conditions

    His explanation to the New York Times: That makes no sense on any level. He has no clue what he's saying. Not a freaking clue. If a random poster in HL put this up as an explanation, he'd just get a bunch of :dahell: and :mindblown: and people would assume that he was drunk AND stupid...
  6. Jimi Swagger

    Obama tells Democrats: 'Don't rescue' Republicans on 'Trumpcare'

    If you don't like reading just access the video on CNN below... Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama delivered a mandate to Democrats on Wednesday: "Don't rescue" Republicans on Obamacare. Less than three weeks out from...
  7. JahFocus CS

    Health insurance & life insurance when self-employed

    Anyone have experience in obtaining health insurance and/or life insurance when self-employed? What were you premium ranges? What providers did you go with? Did you make any mistakes along the way that you learned from?