1. humminbird

    The HAPPY, HEALTHY, and HARMONIOUS women thread

    Post that woman you think has that aura of positivity :blessed: all women welcome I'll start
  2. Jean Jacket

    Tuna Tataki - (seared tuna) G.O.A.T Healthy Appetizer

  3. JadeB

    America lost foodwise

    Two weeks in Nigeria and damn near everything here is pure and organic. I ate coconuts, mangoes, papayas, chilli peppers, tangerines, free range chickens, goats, beef, rice, cassava etc. :wow: while y'all motherfukkers eating GMOed McDonald's everyday getting colestorol :wow:
  4. Balla

    How do you control your hunger while cutting?

    I’m eating healthy, but I think I’m eating too much. What did y’all do to curb hunger while cutting? Did y’all do anything special like drink black coffee or something? Or did y’all not do anything and it got better?
  5. Luken

    Ask a Nikka opening his first Gym anything.

  6. MajorVitaman

    Under Rated Healthy Food

    Eat sweet potatoes brehs :ohlawd: I used to think they weren't good for me growing up cause they taste so good. But they're one of the most underrated health foods you can eat. :leon: What's some other food y'all would put in the under rated or not widely known health food category?
  7. Luken

    Olga Katysheva...Russian Super Model Pawg.

    :noah: :wow:......shes just so HEALTHY