1. Dillah810

    MASTER Official Trailer (2021) Superhero, Animation Movie

    Trailer came out last month. I searched the forum and didn't see thread for this, so I thought I'd make one Master follows the story of Olivia, a once-promising martial arts champion who is on a journey to guide her family to what she believes is a better life. Along the way, Olivia discovers...
  2. Rhakim

    Homeless breh saves all the dogs/cats from a burning animal shelter

    #dogset and #catset gotta get a little :mjcry: for this one A homeless man rescued all the animals at a shelter after it caught on fire By Alaa Elassar, CNN Updated 1:14 AM ET, Sun December 27, 2020 (CNN) A homeless man risked his life to save several cats and dogs trapped at an Atlanta...
  3. Hater's Liberator

    Humble brag yourself a hero with Cap ,Get shot and then get accosted by Secret Service ..

    When you pull up to get your award brehs .. :snoop: Secret Service arrested El Paso shooting 'hero' as he was about to be honored by Trump at White House One of the people President Trump honored for his heroism during a mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart last month was arrested by the...
  4. Neuromancer

    Black security guard stops shooter in a bar then gets gunned down by cop(RIP Jemel Roberson)

    RIP:snoop: this can't be life. A black security guard this weekend prevented a potential mass shooting at the bar where he worked — and was then gunned down by an Illinois police officer who mistook him for a criminal. WGN TV reports that 26-year-old armed security guard Jemel Roberson was...
  5. Crude Abolitionist

    DC Universe: The Ultimate DC Membership Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    DC Universe: The Ultimate DC Membership DC Universe is a video on demand service operated by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Networks. It was announced in April 2017, with the title and service formally announced in May 2018. The service includes original television programming...
  6. C

    Sista Fights White Supremacy on The NYC 1 Train

    We need smileys! :dead:
  7. LightSkinYeshua

    Prince checking out Mel B badonkadonk

  8. Klyk21

    I'm having a strong feeling that Anderson Varejao is going to make it or break it for the Warriors

    ...You heard it here first :sas2: