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  1. Wes Phili

    Singles Wes Phili - "stockholm." [NEW SINGLE]

    The latest release. Late night cruise vibes. Salute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @hustlemania @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @RichYung@FreshAIG @~Styles~ @Brosef@Redwing80 @Mahirishi...
  2. Tflasha

    Mixtapes & EPs A Coli breh new Ep just dropped oh and "PAWGS"

    I invite all feedback, constructive criticism, and hate :blessed:
  3. Vice Queen

    How Hip Hop is Wrestling Right Now?

    :troll: But yeah, Saweetie showed up at Sukeban tonight.
  4. Westbama Heartthrob

    Is it a wrap for "is it a wrap for..." threads?

    Whats up?:jbhmm:
  5. Da Spot Is Hot

    Albums I would like your reviews! If you like 90's Hip Hop you won't be disappointed! excLUsiv aka LOU aka Lou One aka ONE aka Fly Filthy aka …

    The Coli is my favorite forum. Being that as it may I'd like your reviews on my projects. What would The COli say? https://exclusiv.bandcamp.com/ I posted some music/beats/Instrumentals awhile back, but I added more projects for review. I got more projects in the chamber as well. Hope Ya'll...
  6. Westbama Heartthrob

    In Honor of Recent Events...

    I think it's time we get an official Kendrick Lamar smiley to commemorate the victory :ehh: Any ideas? Personally I got...

    Dropping a record with HBK (Doughboyz Cashout) & Jimmy Waters next Friday 5/17 *UPDATE* Song is now available for streaming (links in 1st post)

    Just trying to build anticipation. If y’all ain’t familiar here’s some content from the two featured artists and myself HBK Jimmy Waters Me (Do$ Du Muni) Appreciate all love. Peace. Nuthin’ less - Single (feat. HBK & Jimmy Waters) - Single by Do$ Du Muni
  8. D

    Cilvanis - The Rapper Who Stole My Joke (BBL Drizzy)(Drake diss)

    Get bodied by an anime youtuber brehs:mjlol:
  9. Rhapture

    Life really comes at you fast

    Drake had the world and this forum dikkmatized only like 3 months ago. Everyone was literally on his dikk like they wanted some Canadian bacon sausage. How will he bounce back this time? Is he gonna have another baby with a porn star? Or will he himself become a porn star now that Kendrick put...
  10. JadeB

    Was Pac the first mainstream rapper with tattoos?

    I couldn't think of any rapper before him that had tats :ohhh:
  11. R

    The one major mistake Drake has made during his career that could help him now in this war is….

    not signing any spitters to OVO. Yeah he got writers in his camp that can toss lines and ideas to him but he doesn’t any visible rappers that can stand on the front lines and help him out. Think about it….Jay Z had Roc a fella and State Property with him to go to war with. When Jada came at...
  12. Wes Phili

    Singles Planet Asia & Wes Phili - "Make A Dollar Bleed Change" [SINGLE]

    Peace. Introducing a collaboration with the god MC from earlier this year + A new release from today ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @hustlemania @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife...
  13. JadeB

    TIL that Dionne Warwick, upset with misogyny in rap lyrics, met up with Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight and dared them to call her a bytch to her face

  14. TEH

    “Hip Hop went from something positive to something used to destroy.” Wise Intelligent

  15. Ziggiy

    Official 2024 Hip Hop Grammys Thread

    It's that time of year brehs & brehettes. What can be said regarding Hip Hop and black music as a whole's relationship with the Grammys that hasn't been said or written before? The fraught, often antagonistic rapport between the Hip Hop community and the National Recording of Arts & Sciences...
  16. TheEmpress

    Mantronix Feat Bruse Wane - Era Of The AI - Official Music Video

    [NEW] MANTRONIX FEAT BRUSE WANE - ERA OF THE A.I (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Fresh off the heels of the success of their song "Money Talks" Kurtis Mantronik and Bruse Wane returns, with the official visual to their latest release "ERA OF THE A.I". The song finds Bruse Wane kicking Poignant and...
  17. Westbama Heartthrob

    Eminem Saying the N-word Compilation :mjpls:

    Paul wall would never :mjpls: @Tony D'Amato come get your man's
  18. Mike the Executioner

    When did it become normal for rappers to go platinum and multi-platinum?

    I was thinking about how rap was getting more popular in the late 80s and you had all these well-known acts, but very few of them sold records like that. Run-D.M.C. selling 1.5 million copies with Tougher Than Leather was insane because nobody else was selling that much, and they considered that...
  19. NoirDynosaur

    Jay Z stole 99 problems from Ice T

    Apparently, HOV never credited the OG Ice T for that famous line
  20. D

    Albums Premo Rice —Portrait of the P

    https://spotify.link/FzjigISrbEb Too many bangers on there. :whew: might be his most complete album of his career so far