1. Rell Lauren

    Anyone own a co-op? Pros and cons?

    Currently looking at the possibility of a co-op and wanted to know if anyone on the forum has ever dealt with one and what have their experiences been like.
  2. BaileyPark31

    Anyone Here Ever Do House Arrest?

    How was it? Did you violate? How was your PO? No judgement, just asking.
  3. JadeB

    Let Tariq Nasheed stans deebo your house brehettes

  4. Antwon Mitchell

    Ordering a TINY burger and fries from Mickey D's is impossible so you improvise at home...

  5. Bart simpson


    Let's be real Home Alone can happen at anytime of the year. The parents seem irresponsible all year around :yeshrug:
  6. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Breh catches his dog out here fukkin in these streets

    :russ: y'all dog owners got any advice for breh? Seems like he got a real problem on his hands :dead:
  7. Patriarch

    Chicago Offering First Direct Flights to Afrika

    Afrika the set.. yeah that's the motherland. O'Hare to offer 1st direct Chicago-to-Africa flights
  8. Jimi Swagger

    After the NFL, Greg Jennings Goes Back to the Drawing Board

    Greg Jennings deferred his design dream to pursue a career in football. Now retired from the game, he took the lead building his Edina, Minn., home. When he was in college, Greg Jennings faced a life-changing decision. He was following his passion for architecture while studying at Western...
  9. beaniemac

    I got an announcement. I'm leaving Chicago to move down south to Texas UPDATE: might be moving back

    Sorry if this is a long read, but I gotta share this. I haven't been posting much on here lately because of what's been going on in my life the last 2 months or so. Bare with me, I am really having a lot of anxiety about this, but here's what happened (yes, I know its a long read) Back in...
  10. M

    CHIWIRE: Finally a "W" for Team 600- Murder D. Rose Beat His Murder Case!

    His Murder charge was DROPPED & Bail is now set at $25000 (as opposed to no bond) & Charges have been downgraded to Battery/ Bodily Harm :jawalrus: His next court date is scheduled for 7/21/2016 (One week from now) D. Rose coming home- :dame::dame::dame: