1. B

    A year after opening 600 rooms to L.A.’s unhoused, the Cecil Hotel is still mostly empty. Here’s why

    https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2022-12-13/cecil-hotel-homeless-housing-struggles Brent Fode and his dog TaterTot are now living at the Cecil Hotel. Even with solid funding and the best of intentions, the Cecil project to provide housing for homeless Angelenos has struggled to overcome...
  2. B

    Homeless man builds small house on Hollywood Boulevard

    A homeless man has built a solid wooden structure on a Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk. Reaction has been mixed.
  3. Big Daddy Dame

    Group of thugs already charged with murder found on video attacking homeless through South Carolina

    Several arrested after video of brutal attacks found during murder investigation in Greenville County GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — Three men charged with murder now stand accused of brutally attacking the homeless community. Seth Norris, Joshua Norris and Tristan Ramey have been charged with...
  4. B

    Baby boomers facing spike in homelessness: "As much as we try, we might be stuck"

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/baby-boomers-homelessness/ BY JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI JULY 28, 2022 / 7:44 PM / CBS NEWS San Diego, California — Maria Negrete, her daughter and her granddaughter live in their car in San Diego after they lost their jobs and got evicted from their apartment. "It's...
  5. Psalms 37

    Bums who ask for money without.atleast saying Hello

    shyt happened 4 times today... All cacs and 1 breh. They don't even put in the effort of making a sign...don't even ask me if my day going good.. Just straight "Do you have any change?:sadcam::lupe:". I'm a charitable dude but I hate bums who do that shyt. Atleast write a damn sign and...
  6. CopiousX

    I'm amazed society has no way to fix HOMELESSNESS

    doesn't matter if you are in Mumbai, Buenos Ares, Atlanta, humanity has NO way to fix homelessness. How did this happen?:jbhmm: On another thread someone on the west coast mentioned that most cities(Reno, SF) ignore them, while @SourPowerStraws mentioned that new york puts them in a...
  7. NinoBrown

    Youtube Unleashing The Flutes in 2020

    Long story short, if you create any content that could be deemed kid friendly, your video needs to be FTC compliant and the video automatically loses: End screens Commenting Notifications for viewers Decrease in monetizing profits Can't put links for merch, patreon, or other sponsorship Users...
  8. Antwon Mitchell

    Is it bad that I don't like to give homeless people anything (especially money)?

    I don't like to give homeless people any type of money hell not even a quarter, dime or an nickel...you wanna know why? Well it's because I have this presumption that any money I give to em might be used for drugs (YES DRUGS) because as most of us know homeless people are big...
  9. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Moms 4 Housing- Black Women in Oakland taking back foreclosed homes for the homeless

  10. A

    The Coli likes to shyt on Indians......

    and talk about their anti-black racism... But.. In almost every Subway or Dunkin Donuts that I have visited Indian workers allow homeless people, 90% of whom are black, take refuge when they are either tired or wanting to stay warm from the cold. I’ve noticed this primarily at Dunkin and...
  11. Hater's Liberator

    This house could be yours for just 97 Meal Tickets

    $ 97,000,000.00 USD This is the house Trump had lunch at today in Cali .. :mjpls: I believe the key notes topic was Homelessness .. :mindblown: :smugbiden:
  12. NinoBrown

    Walking/Ignoring Homeless Cacs Appreciation

    Feels pretty good to make homeless cacs feel even worse.... Homeless Cac: "Excuse mr sir? Me: :stopitslime: Homeless Cac: "Can you spare me .50 cents to get something to eat?" Me: "Sorry don't carry cash. Have you tried hunting or farming?" Homeless Cac::mjcry: Sometimes I will throw a dime...
  13. Ya' Cousin Cleon


    The Independent Lens documentary Charm City brings to mind the long list of urban American cities that fall into the same category as the Baltimore seen in that film: Detroit, Newark, Compton, and Oakland, to name a few. They’re all post-industrial towns, where the closure of factories...
  14. Sex Luthor

    Ask a homeless black man anything. I got nothing but time to answer questions

    Im homeless by choice kind of right now. Im bored as shyt. Ask away :blessed:
  15. Supper

    Ex-Soul Singer, Betty Jane Wills, Sexually Assaulted & Murdered

    22-year-old homeless man was charged Wednesday in the murder and attempted rape of a 76-year-old woman who was sleeping in a strip mall parking lot in Santa Ana. The woman was identified as 1960s soul singer Betty Jane Willis, who recorded the songs “Someday You’ll Need My Love,” “Act...
  16. arXiv

    SF Using Robots To Intimidate Homeless People

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/security-robots-are-monitoring-the-homeless-in-san-francisco-2017-12 TECH INSIDER Robots are being used to deter homeless people from setting up camp in San Francisco Melia Robinson Dec 12, 2017, 2:51 PM ET Knightscope A security...
  17. Jimi Swagger

    Amid booming economy, homelessness soars on US West Coast

    As the West Coast’s economy booms and more people move to the area, the number of homeless people has spiked to crisis levels. The Associated Press found that the number of homeless people is now 168,000 in California, Oregon and Washington. By GILLIAN FLACCUS and GEOFF MULVIHILL SEATTLE (AP)...
  18. Jimi Swagger

    R.Kelly had "strong dikk odor" and tricked homeless woman into giving head for 3K

    Long interview. Lady had a house fire and was left homeless with her children :picard:. If this is true, it's sad vulnerable people are taken advantage of.
  19. Jimi Swagger

    Los Angeles is quickly becoming a place exclusively for the white and rich

    A 1939 red-lined map of L.A. from the HOLC, a government agency created after the Great Depression. Maps like these were used to deny home financing to non-whites. Jacob Woocher, Grad student in Urban Planning at UCLA, DSA-LA Housing and Homelessness Committee, @jacobwooch on twitter L.A.’s...
  20. Jimi Swagger

    Harvey’s Poorest Victims Will Never Rebuild. They’re Getting Evicted.

    Houston’s zoning has left them defenseless. Hilton Kelley has been sounding off on Facebook Live the past few days about families who evacuated their homes to escape Hurricane Harvey and are now getting eviction notices. The families live in Port Arthur, Texas, the small Gulf Coast city...