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  1. Avisible Man

    The Menu | Horror Comedy | In Theaters and On Tables Nov. 18th | Starring: Voldemort, Beth Harmon and Beast | On HBO Max

    Do you like horror movies? What about horror comedies? I'm a yes to both. What about Chopped on Food Network? I love that show. It's cool to see how the chefs try to make a cohesive 3-course meal out of mystery ingredients. Apparently, that's the case with the new horror comedy, The Menu. I saw...
  2. Sex Luthor

    This new Winnie the Pooh live action movie looks.... Different

    According to Waterfield, who also wrote and co-produced the film, “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” will see Pooh and Piglet as “the main villains…going on a rampage” after being abandoned by a college-bound Christopher Robin. “Christopher Robin is pulled away from them, and he’s not [given]...
  3. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Who is in your Top 5 Mothers of Fantasy, Horror and Sci fi

    Mine are Lady Jessica from Dune In my opinion her story arc was the most interesting part of Dune. She's the definition of not judging a book by it's cover. She will fukk you up with her Bene gesserit skills and make it look like an accident. Especially over her kids Ellen "get away from...
  4. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Matt took on a T-800 terminator and did damn good

    He was really with the shyts and he put up a better fight than Kyle lol
  5. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Vincent Price vs Mako whose voice was more EPIC

  6. Kidd Dibiase

    Brahms: The Boy 2 Trailer (2020) Katie Holmes

  7. Neuromancer

    Best horror director of all time?

    I have been thinking about this for a bit and I'm pretty sure I know the consensus but just to get an idea. Who do y'all think it is?
  8. Neuromancer

    Your top 10 horror films of the decade.

    So I said I would do this so I am. @Nicole0416 @Jello Biafra @MartyMcFly @storyteller @cac poster @BXKingPin82 My picks. Edit: Halloween 2018 The Void The Ritual Cabin in the woods Banshee Chapter Dark Skies (netflix) Get out Hell House LLC The Black Mountain Side
  9. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Could you survive an entire horror movie?

    Could You Survive An Entire Horror Movie? I apparently get killed in the middle of the movie :mjcry:
  10. Neuromancer

    Masters of Horror Face off: Romero or Argento? Poll Open for limited time.

    Who you got? The God of Giallo or the Lord of the undead? @Nicole0416 @MartyMcFly @Jello Biafra @morris @Dr.Omega @storyteller @JAY? @cac poster @Flex Grossman @Ghostwriter @BXKingPin82 @Theolodius_Black @Cashmere Murphy Last face off Carpenter won 19 votes to 6...
  11. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    Which horror villains are you?

    Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as Horror Movie Villains Based on your astrological sign? I got them two cats from Scream.
  12. Cat Lady ☆

    Do You Guys Have Some Actually Scary Horror Movies To Recommend ?

    Last Saturday, I watched three horror movies. But while they were good, none of them actually scared me to the point where I had a hard time sleeping. I really love horror movies but I feel like most of the recent ones have been so bad in how stereotypical and non-scary they are. - The last...
  13. CodeBlaMeVi

    Kids’ Short Film - Terror Park

    Written and Directed by Freddy Long
  14. Neuromancer

    The Void

    Has anyone else seen this yet?
  15. m0rninggl0ry

    Tales From Tha Hood

    Tales from the Hood was a 1995 horror anthology film that touched on subjects such as police brutality, domestic abuse, racism and gang violence; all presented within a frame story of three drug dealers buying some "found" drugs from an eccentric and story-prone funeral director. I liked all...
  16. L

    Southbound (2016)

    For those of you with Amazon Prime, I recommend the movie Southbound. Its like a mix between VHS and Lost Highway by David Lynch. The stories are basically about people about to be punished for thier deeds. Hence the name Southbound. Stories are short and have great pacing and acting. The...
  17. Dominic Brehetto

    Essential The Official Coli Horror Film Thread: Discussion, Recommendations And Murder.

    *UPDATED OP* If you want any posts or lists added to this just tag me or pm me The coli's top 10 Horror Film List http://www.thecoli.com/threads/welcome-to-prime-time-b-tch-the-official-top-ten-horror-movie-list-voting-thread.254618/ 10. Hellraiser 9. Psycho 8. Scream 7. Alien 6. Texas...