1. Playaz Eyez

    Boogotti Kasino & Lil CJ Kasino - Kasino Tape (Triple 7)

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  2. Playaz Eyez

    Boogotti Kasino - The Pink House

    @shopthatwrecks @Hiphoplives4eva @Houston911 @LevelUp @mobbinfms @BigMoneyGrip @staticshock @DUCKED_OFF @Tommy Sheppard @IVS @CrushedGroove @Super Future Luther King Jr. @ADK @lightskin jermaine @ignorethis @mozichrome @UserNameless @Juneya @krackdagawd @Jerz-2 @HARLEM AL @DonKnock
  3. Playaz Eyez

    Le$ - Tune Up EP

    @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @Edub @shopthatwrecks @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove @Crevard113 @IronFist @hustlemania @Hiphoplives4eva @DEAD7...
  4. Big Daddy Dame

    Houston Cac wins 75 million betting on the astros

    Mattress mack :what: Mattress Mack' cashes $75 million on Houston Astros World Series, largest payout in U.S. sports betting history Cory Woodroof - Yesterday 11:53 PM Businessman Jim McIngvale earned himself the largest payout in U.S. sports betting history after he collected an estimated...
  5. Playaz Eyez

    Doughboy Sauce - Brand New (featuring Lil’ Keke)

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  6. Big Daddy Dame

    $11.6 million Catalytic converter ring busted in Houston. How did they get caught?……….stuntin on the gram

    Investigators seized 477 catalytic converters in an early morning raid Thursday. Seven locations throughout the Houston area, including a warehouse, were hit. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Homeland Security Houston, the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the...
  7. BronxFleeZ

    Visiting texas… where the gas at brehs???

    If I can’t find any I just cleanse but I wanna see if it’s some fire out here. Brehs point me to the right direction!
  8. Playaz Eyez

    KenTheMan - No Panties

  9. Playaz Eyez

    Pimp C was talkin’ big shyt on Hogg In The Game

    :whew: :whew: @shopthatwrecks @Hiphoplives4eva @Houston911 @LevelUp @mobbinfms @BigMoneyGrip @staticshock @DUCKED_OFF @Tommy Sheppard @IVS @CrushedGroove @Super Future Luther King Jr. @ADK @lightskin jermaine @ignorethis @mozichrome @UserNameless @Juneya @krackdagawd @Jerz-2 @HARLEM AL...
  10. Playaz Eyez

    Archie Lee The Hitman - Grown Man Business

    Literally haven't heard an Archie Lee song in 20 years, so I pretty much don't remember what he even sounded like during Swishahouse's heyday. This album here is NICE though, and glad I randomly came across it. @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve...
  11. Playaz Eyez

    DJ Chose - MULTI

    DJ Chose - Prove Me Wrong (Music Video) DJ Chose - THICK feat Beat King (Official Music Video) DJ Chose - Minor SetBack (Motivation) DJ Chose - Droppin D (Official Music Video)...
  12. Playaz Eyez

    Cory Mo & Bun B - Mo Trill [Album]

    Hesitate feat Cory Mo, Tobe Nwigwe,Talib Kweli and David Banner @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still...
  13. Playaz Eyez

    Lil Keke - LGND

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove...
  14. Playaz Eyez

    Sauce Gohan - Last Laugh

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @Bickin Back Being Bool @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @Long Live The...
  15. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne performs "Rollin", "Wasted", "Steady Mobbin" + "A Milli" live in Houston

    Over the weekend, Lil Wayne hosted an “All Black Affair” show at Spire Nightclub in Houston, Texas on January 15th to celebrate Larry Morrow‘s birthday. While at the event, Weezy got on the mic to ask if there is any Dallas Cowboys fans in the crowd, as well as to perform “Rollin’“, “Wasted“...
  16. Embrehyo

    Singles Devin Tha Dude- Lacville 79

  17. Playaz Eyez

    Slim Thug - BIGSlim [Album]

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove...
  18. ReturnOfJudah

    Black Excellence… Johny Jones, Texas Southern smashed #20 Florida Gators

  19. Playaz Eyez

    Boogotti Kasino - Benjamin Siegel

    @shopthatwrecks @Hiphoplives4eva@Houston911 @LevelUp @mobbinfms@BigMoneyGrip@staticshock @DUCKED_OFFUSER=91]@Tommy Sheppard[/USER][/USER] @IVS @CrushedGroove @Super Future Luther King Jr. @ADK @lightskin jermaine @ignorethis @mozichrome@UserNameless @Juneya @krackdagawd @Jerz-2 @HARLEM AL @DonKnock
  20. TallMan_J

    Cade Cunningham is and will remain better than Jalen Green

    Cade: 20 pts. Jalen: 23 pts. #1 pick VS #2 pick. Tonight’s game makes it official. :yeshrug: -The leadership -The maturity -The IQ -That humility :wow: -His fearlessness -His presence on the court -Possesses more potential growth to become a Superstar :whew: Sure, Jalen may have had more...