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    huhldup mask

  3. LightSkinYeshua

    If a female does not want to have kids, what is her worth?

    Do not get me wrong, im not an incel. However, females nowadays do not want to have kids. If they do not want to be nurturers as they were designed to be, why should men uphold the role as providers? Aren’t we providors for her AND THE CHILDREN we have together? Why do we need to provide for...
  4. Sauce Dab

    Jay Z and Beyoncé's court side evolution:dame:

    But for some reason they forgot the classic :salute: to this black excellence
  5. Sauce Dab

    These cops really don't give a damn. This cop left off rounds on this guy :huhldup: (NSFW)

  6. Sauce Dab

    Xxxtentacion done took yet another L at one of his shows.... This time he's thrown into the wall

    CTE on the way :Holdthisformeplease:
  7. Sauce Dab

    Rob Ford doing crack on video leaks

    Cacnada lawst :huhldup::troll: