1. Charlie Hustle

    Kyoto Knife Tower - Japan

    Something a little different from the city’s ancient temples and shrines. Pretty much everyone is familiar with Tokyo Tower, whose observation floors offer expansive views of Japan’s capital city. Many people tend to forget, though, that Kyoto, one of Japan’s former capitals, has a tower of...
  2. B

    Damn which floor is the ground floor in Chongqing, China?

  3. BaileyPark31

    Men or Women?

    Please clarify.. thankx
  4. J

    Japanese man spends $15,700 on dog costume to fulfill lifelong dream of transforming into an animal :ehh:At least he achieved his dreams
  5. J

    My roommate is a Latino member of the Nation of Islam

    He's originally from Bolivia. Real cool guy. Was in the Marines for a few years and recently discharged. When he was in the military, one of his buddies introduced him into NOI and he's been a devout member ever since. I mean this dude attends mosque frequently, has a copy of the Final Call...
  6. J

    The ancient Romans on race

    tl;dw Race is a relatively modern concept People were judged on culture than skin color Romans were :mjpls: to literally everyone who wasn't them, even Greeks Romans had more respect for Africans (especially Egyptians) than Northern Europeans You were clowned for wearing pants:mjlol:
  7. J

    I found a list of famous last words

    Here's some of the ones that struck me the most List of last words - Wikipedia "Go and give the ass a drink of wine to wash down the figs."[17] — Chrysippus, Greek philosopher (c. 206 BC), before dying of laughter "It is finished."[note 4] ("Ha m'shalam.") — Jesus, Founder of Christianity (c...
  8. J

    Have any y'all met or saw one of the smilies in real life?

    I think I saw :dahell: in Columbus, Ohio once
  9. J

    Thank the Ancient Egyptians for inventing bowling

    Old article but still:whew: Throwing stone balls along a lane might have been a popular game in ancient Egypt, according to evidence unearthed by Italian archaeologists. The game was a mixture of bowling, billiards and lawn bowls and was played at Narmoutheos, in the Fayoum region, some 90...
  10. J

    6 Straight Girls vs 1 Secret Lesbian

    :deadmanny:I never get sick of this series
  11. J

    SPIN: how do NY/NJ interact with the Irish How do y'all interact with the Irish in your area. I grew up in Ohio and currently live in Southern California . They're cool for the most part but can be racist too.
  12. J

    Asian breh does real life Tinder

    30 baddies vs 1 Anshul :lupe:
  13. NoirDynosaur

    AA's engagement in Congo (RDC)

    Yah helloooo folks. Good morning. When people hear of Congo, they hear of valuable resources such as gold, copper, oil, uranium to name a few; the history of Rumba/Soukous/Ndombolo music and of course, the devastating past of how King Leopold led the African holocaust. Today, we have a obscure...
  14. NoirDynosaur

    Why did Christianity appropriate Egyptian Mythology

    Here's some food for thought. This may bring out some feelings out but...I leave up to you
  15. LightSkinYeshua

    I find it funny how....

    some people are attacking Donald Glover for having a non-black wife and being pro-black but are praising Serena :mjpls: "Some people" say Serena deserves a white man because black men bash her and don't want her. However... when Donald said the exact same thing about black women... he was...
  16. J

    Igbos learn English in 1940s Nigeria

  17. Neuromancer

    What is your most intersting trait?

    Something people say is interesting about you? I'm told the way I think is very interesting. So I guess it's my brain. What about ya'll.
  18. I

    This much will kill you..

    I was watching these videos and I must say I found these interesting.
  19. Anerdyblackguy

    So if you make less than 40 dollars an hour, there's a good chance your job is in jeopardy.

    White House Predicts Robots May Take Over Many Jobs That Pay $20 Per Hour. The White House is worried that robots are coming to take your job. In a report to Congress this week, White House economists forecast an 83 percent chance that workers earning less than $20 per hour will lose their...
  20. stay thirsty

    stay thirsty