1. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Way to invest $2,000 ?

    Tryna grow it..12months have be like 2100...or some don't just sitting there...ideally more. What to do? Stocks? Easystart certificate?
  2. LinusCaldwell

    The Official METAVERSE Thread

    Metaverse is already here so what are your thoughts about it? Facebook even changed their name to “Meta” The metaverse explained (and how it could change the world)
  3. Reality

    The COVID/Omicron $-minded thread; no politics, just investments

    Wanted to have a centralized thread to watch Omicron from a money-making/protecting perspective. I know we have the other COVID thread, but this one is intended to focus on potential impact to investments and be data-driven and apolitical. A lot of us are kicking ourselves from missing out on...
  4. Pete Wrigley

    When You're Debt Free, What Are You Doing First?

    Investing? Putting money away for a house or car? Putting more money towards the mortgage? Fixing things around your house? What brehs?! Tell me! :damn: I'll be kinda "debt free" at the end of the year with just a mortgage. I plan on talking to a financial advisor about investing and...
  5. Ahadi

    Best Roth IRA?

    Looking into m1 right now. But I hear Charles Schwann and Vanguard are good too. But in the aspect of savings I was going to move my money to ally. Thoughts?
  6. Ahadi

    Otis - Cultural Investment App for Art

    Otis Is a New Cultural Investment App for Those Seeking Shares in Artworks & Grails “Culture is a new asset.” According to a 2018 U.S. Trust statistics report on Artsy, there’s a rise in millennial collectors that view art as a financial asset with the young demographic more inclined to sell...
  7. The True HD

    $ Will have my First Patent(s)/Trademarks in 2020s $ (Inventors Get in Here) **Long **

    With the help of a few attorneys I have been able to successfully research, navigate, and file the required paperwork to soon have my own provisional patents and trademarks as early as next year. The process seemed daunting at first seeing as I had no prior experience with the task but being as...
  8. Ahadi

    Any brehs joined Ryan Leslie’s Wealthplan?

    While I was listening to his breakfast club interview and found out about it on his website. You know any brehs that joined?
  9. Justise M

    Fortune Builders - teaches people how to flip houses

    So I'm pretty sure my father in law got roped into this. Not to familiar with it but what I reading about it is not very good. seems like it's maybe a scam to get money out of people by selling them a dream I read stories where the program could cost up to $50k and they try and get you to dip...
  10. Ahadi

    Anyone investing in quant?

    Friend of mine preaches to me everyday about quant. Anyone else is invested in this?
  11. Ahadi

    Investing / Stock applications?

    What Investing / Stock apps are you using? On Robinhood & Coinbase currently, I found an app called public on my phone. Haven’t used it.
  12. phcitywarrior

    Official Personal Finance/Home Economics Thread

    We need a thread where people can drop general knowledge on personal finance/home economics. Financial freedom is the wave for 2019 and beyond Come in here and drop knowledge brehs and brehettes :ehh:
  13. S

    Is this investment strategy bullshyt?

    Retiring early doesn't mean you'll stop making money — here's how one retired millennial made more than $60,000 in passive income last year
  14. Ghostface Trillah

    New to the stock market? Curious about the stock market? Come inside.

    I know a good portion of the Coli is either interested in stock trading on trying to figure out how so I got my peoples to bless me up and so I'm passing the blessings to the Coli. *God's Plan starts playing* :blessed: I only love my bed,my mom,and the coli. The Seville Report | United States...
  15. BaldingSoHard

    Fully-funding your Roth IRA on the first day of the year appreciation

    Coli brehs we out here winning. :win: Make those moves, brehs. :lift::cheers::mj:
  16. UncleTomFord15

    Is it too late to invest in bitcoin?

    I remember last year it was worth like 700 now that bytch is worth 4k and I didnt buy any:damn::mjcry:!!! If I was to throw in a quick 20-100 dollars and keep it there for about 2 years or so, would that be smart? Was thinking about going to the bitcoin atm today, not sure though:lupe:. Whats...
  17. SirReginald

    Should African-Americans INVEST In "Puerto-Rico" & Take Control Of The Island?

    This may sound wrong, but I came up with this idea. Now, I'm not for colonizing it further (PR). However, if we worked out a deal with the citizens there, then it could benefit us and Puerto Rico. Yes, we are deep in the South. However, we could invest (Black dollar aka group economics) and...
  18. DigitalDopeman

    I made $1000 in day trading Forex...u can too

    This thread was inspired by another Forex thread I was posting in. I was getting a lot of comments of people asking to pm them so I figured I'd make a post. First off, I ain't no guru or pretending to be, haven't even been doing this long. But I have had days where I did $1000 trading several...
  19. BushidoBrown

    All yall rich coli nikkas step in

    To my coli 1 percenters: if you're gettin 6 figures or more, what is your career or what do you do to generate income? whats your education level? How many certs do you got outside of a diploma? If u close to 6 figures but not quite there, whats your next move to get over the hill? Speak on it...
  20. Jimi Swagger

    Bank suggests Australians to ditch home loan debt and live life

    Creepy business model. But I know people with tiny homes who have a similar mentality. To enjoy life and not go into huge debt. In what has to be one of the weirdest marketing campaigns I’ve come across in my almost 30 years of banking and finance, NAB subsidiary UBank has today launched a...