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  1. DrexlersFade

    This How J. Prince Was Acting On IG Live‼️ (Ol Heads On Social Media)

    He got Prince down to a tee :mjlol:
  2. Ziggiy

    The Official 2022 Hip Hop Grammys Thread

    Alright Coli brehs. Another year, another annual Hip Hop Grammys thread. While the relationship between the Grammys and Hip Hop has been...contentious to say the least; this year marks a notably antagonistic rift between music's biggest awards show and the genre that has dominated mainstream...
  3. ReasonableMatic

    DEA Agent Chad Scott who targeted J. Prince & Scarface found GUILTY of Corruption!!!

    And FUKK these undercovers, that locked me up for weed You can search me all you want to, but you won't find no cheese And I ain't finna snitch, cause I don't know a thang Don't ask me SHYT bout Steve, don't ask me SHYT bout James I know you crackas pissed off, I can see it in your eyes I'm down...
  4. ISO

    Pills being sold with Rap-A-Lot branding, J Prince furious

  5. Tunechi

    James Prince reacts to Lil Wayne's release from Cash Money

    James Prince sits down with Justin Hunte for The Company Man to promote his new book, The Art & Science Of Respect, and to react to the news of Lil Wayne leaving Cash Money Records. The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO said it is a big success for Tunechi to be released from Cash Money and mentioned he...
  6. B

    Blood King D Black Addresses Adrien Broner Getting Beat Up? Talks J Prince & Boston George

    Follow @MRECKGM The Realest On IG With All The Exclusives #iglivewithmreck The Streets World Wide Lock In With Me.
  7. B

    J Prince Reacts To Adrien Broner Getting Beat Up In His Hometown Houston

    J Prince Reacts To Broner Getting Beat Up In His Hometown Houston (Allegedly)
  8. Code

    J Prince already getting threats for the constant Pusha T talk

    J Prince on His New Book and Convincing Drake to Ignore Pusha-T's Diss Track You told Sway that you thought this beef could reach 2Pac and Biggie territory. What makes you think it could go that far? Whenever disrespect is fertilized, it can always go there. When mother, father, and others are...
  9. shopant

    J. Prince's "The Art & Science Of Respect" Memoir (out on June 22)

    James Prince, the Houston-based entrepreneur and founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, has always been known as a man of very few words (his comments on Birdman notwithstanding). That, however, is about to change now that his memoir has gotten a release date. Co-written by Julia Beverly (who penned...
  10. Jimi Swagger

    J Prince Hip-hop Superbowl fish fry for the homeless

    Nice when millionaires give back. They are even turning it up at church with that music; wish I were there to support :stylin: HOUSTON - Houston’s homeless mingled with hip-hop royalty at an all-you-can-eat party downtown on Monday. Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince hosted a Super Bowl fish...
  11. B

    J. Prince Disses Birdman: We Don’t Beg Anyone To Put Respek On Our Name!