1. Cloud McFly

    Jay-Z | Kanye West | Drake (MLB All-Stars select weakest link)

  2. Mike the Executioner

    What was it like when Jay-Z came out of retirement?

    I know Kingdom Come is looked at as a bad album, but when it was first announced, what was the reaction? Were people excited about Jay coming back with a new album? Or was it more like everyone was expecting it? What was the promo like?
  3. FunkDoc1112

    Would you say The Bluepring was Jay-Z at his most calculating?

    I was reading a retrospective on The Source's five mic albums and the writer brought up a convincing theory - how after 4 years of chasing hits with bloated albums that had that "something for everyone" formula to great commercial success, Jay decided to put together an album with the exact...
  4. N*E*R*D

    Jay-Z - La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)

    The forgotten Jay-Z classic single that didn't make an album. That boy was floating on water on this joint. I was listening to according 2 hip hop podcast, and they mentioned it and had to run to YouTube to remember this song. Do you remember do you consider it a classic? I think this joint...
  5. BiggWebb79

    According 2 Hip-Hop and Rap Roundtable did a mock Jay-Z vs Nas Verzuz

    It was pretty dope, they didn't play any music but gave detail on why they choose what song and why.
  6. Optimus Prime

    Questlove defends Vol 1, Jay-Z responds

  7. TheDarceKnight

    Just Blaze explains how Welcome to NY City was for Freeway

  8. B1G_controversy

    Nas vs Jay-Z Verzuz

    Hypothetical battle of course :yeshrug: Stillmatic Intro vs The Dynasty Intro Street Dreams vs Brooklyn's Finest The World Is Yours vs Dead Presidents The Message vs Public Service Announcement It Ain't Hard To Tell vs Ain't No N*gga Nas Is Like vs So Ghetto One Mic vs Hard Knock Life...
  9. Coi Leray

    Beyoncé & Jay-Z Are Tiffany & Co.'s New Brand Ambassadors

  10. It is a mystery

    T-Pain recorded a Jay-Z diss in responce of death of autotune

    T-Pain Says He Recorded A JAY-Z Diss Song In Response To 'Death Of Auto-Tune' "Jay-Z famously delivered a eulogy for Auto-Tune on his 2009 The Blueprint 3 track “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).” Although Hov claimed he wasn’t taking shots at any particular artist, the song was widely perceived to...
  11. djfilthyrich

    Mixtapes & EPs Jay-Z Mixtape - 25th Anniversary of Reasonable Doubt (DJ Filthy Rich)

    Celebrating 25 years of Reasonable Doubt with 2 mixtape's worth of blends / OG samples / rarities / remixes etc (Vol.2 coming soon) Drop ya fav RD tracks below. Where y'all rank RD in Hov's discography? Special thanks to my guy Pain In Da Ass for lacing the intro If you wanna be...
  12. BiggWebb79

    Jay-Z, LL Cool J, & Tina Turner among others selected to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

  13. Tunechi

    Supa Blanco Recalls Lil Wayne Writing His First Rap & How They Nearly Started A “Fly Boys” Group

    Supa Blanco recently sat down with Nolazine TV for a 30-minute interview, which you can watch below. In their conversation, Blanco revealed Lil Wayne wrote his very first rap for him, as well as mentioned there were discussions for him and Wayne to create their own rap group called “Fly Boys”...
  14. jensyao

    That NSFW Jay-Z interview with Uncle Luke

    www.twitter.com/kush4heaux/status/877158112905580546 Who else did Uncle Luke have these types of interviews with? I was surprised nobody posted this shyt yet
  15. Dontay Flaco

    King Napz Presents: Madlib & Jay-Z - The Black Album (BLEND TAPE)

    I uploaded on youtube, but they blocked it smh. :mjcry: My second blend tape is finally here! Sit back listen and enjoy! :blessed: @stomachlines @til november @Rawtid @onlylno @2 Cold Taurus @tuckdog @Freddie.Cane @The M.I.C. @The G.O.D II @-Quikness- @Lootpack @TheLostOnes @Yahweh Ben...
  16. TheEmpress

    BWL Ep 42 Rest In Peace DMX,Master P & Funkflex Blames Hip-Hop,Jay-Z Speaks On Legal Weed in NYS,

    Bruse Wane Live Episode 42: [TOPICS] Rest In Peace DMX,Master P & Funkflex Blames Hip-Hop,Jay-Z Speaks On Legal Weed in NYS, Covid 19 & Morgan Freeman, Young Buck Out's 50-Cent? Woman Shots up Burger King Over Wait Time, Swizz Beats, Cher catches Heat & More Hip Hop Heads world Wide Apparel At...
  17. AMcV'88

    Moët Hennessy acquire a 50% stake in Jay-Z's Armand de Brignac.

    looking forward to the next Jay verse to hear the flex. there will be something about "some are are ambassadors, some are partners" yada yada. MOËT HENNESSY ANNOUNCES A PARTNERSHIP WITH SHAWN JAY-Z CARTER VIA THE ACQUISITION OF 50% OF CHAMPAGNE ARMAND DE BRIGNAC. Moët Hennessy Announces A...
  18. Cadillac

    Wack100 Goes OFF on Just Blaze in a Clubhouse debate : Calls Ice T, Pac,Kurupt Turnouts to

    starts @11:30 for context they talk about when did Jay became the biggest rapper and ran shyt. and it got into a whole Juvenile vs JayZ thing. And Blaze made a remark about when Jay was in New orleans, the hot boys were there on some "fan shyt" and Wack didnt like it. its pretty funny and...