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  1. FAH1223

    If You Wanna Smoke A Philly, Better Bring The Heat | Official 76ers (#4) vs. HEAT (#1) ECSF Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : HEAT: @Da_Eggman @Sauce Dab @Makavalli @Draje @Brief Keef @Breh Obama @intruder @Green Ranger @Primetime21 @G-Zeus @Rain @F K @in the NICK of time @Mirin4rmfar @DerrtySouthpaw @number21 @OfTheCross @Luke Cage...
  2. A Pimp Named Slickback

    Jimmy Butler signs multi year shoe deal with Li-Ning

  3. B

    Is 2020 wild enough to really give us a Heat vs Nuggets finals?

    Bruh:russ::dead: nobody saw this coming NOBODY
  4. Mr. Jack Napier

    Jimmy Butler & TJ Warren Scuffle, Jimmy Trolls TJ with Kisses

    :mjlol: :dame:
  5. ISO

    Jimmy Butler shows up for 10 AM Heat training camp at 3:30 AM

    To keep it a buck this nikka a cornball :hhh:
  6. JesusFOREVER

    The Defamation of Westbrook as teammate by media cacs is ridiculous

    Everyone talking about Westbrook and Butler in a locker room would be toxic and I’m like :mjtf: Why the hell is this reputation of Westbrook being a bad teammate still going on when that’s proven to be false multiple times? :what: Russ would run through a wall for his teammates breh
  7. William F. Russell

    EAST FEAST: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers 2018 Christmas Day Game Thread

    The 22-12 Philadelphia 76ers head to the TD Garden to face the 19-13 Boston Celtics on this 2018 Christmas Day matchup. The Celtics opened the season with a 105-87 victory over the Sixers in Boston. But that was well before Philly made a blockbuster deal for Jimmy Butler, allowing the Sixers to...
  8. William F. Russell

    Worlds Above Haters, Chicago. Got a 9 on Me. Call Me Rondo: Celtics vs. Bulls Playoffs Thread

    Regular Season Head-to-Head Results: October 27th in Chicago – Bulls won, 105-99 November 2nd in Boston – Celtics won, 107-100 February 16th in Chicago – Bulls won, 104-103 March 12th in Boston – Celtics won, 100-80 The #1 Boston Celtics face off against the #8 Chicago Bulls in the first round...
  9. King Jove

    Simone Biles & Jimmy Butler