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  1. Don Homer

    The Only Team That Couldn’t Get A Win Against Denver in the 2023 Playoffs Were LeBron’s Lakers. EDIT: @jaydawg08 and @roger king Exposal Thread

    Very interesting :sas2: Once again. This proves my original point that Jimmy’s run is very impressive . LeBron has a team of lottery picks as well as another top 75 player but yet is the ONLY guy who couldn’t get a win against the Nuggets
  2. Don Homer

    Jimmy Butler's Run to the 2023 NBA Finals Is OBJECTIVELY More Impressive Than Any Run LeBron Had EDIT: @Rhakim Exposal Thread

    -Was 4 minutes away from not even making the Playoffs. Down against CHI with less than 4 mins remaining. Ends up winning the game. Entered the Playoffs as the 8 seed -Took Down the team with the best record in the league. DPOY candidates Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez. Both were 1st team...
  3. FAH1223

    Heating Up Some Nuggets To Go With My 'Big-Face Coffee'! | Official Miami HEAT (#8) vs. Denver Nuggets (#1) | 2023 NBA Finals Thread

    Kudos to @JesusFOREVER -------------------------VS------------------------- TV: Projected Lineups :
  4. FAH1223

    The Cs Dispatched The MVP & Now Face Super Saiyan Jimmy! | Official HEAT (#8) vs. Celtics (#2) Eastern Conference Finals Thread

    The HEAT and Celtics meet again for the Eastern Conference Finals. This is the THIRD time in the last FOUR seasons this matchup is occurring in the ECF including the Orlando Bubble. Last year came down to a Game 7 in Miami with Jimmy Butler missing a go-ahead 3-pointer to get Miami back to the...
  5. Ganso Bomb

    Jimmy Butler wearing weave like a bytch

    :mjlol:This that Heat Culture, huh? It's sad cuz he was #FreeformGang a year ago too. Seeing him cheat the journey like this is very disappointing.
  6. FAH1223

    If You Wanna Smoke A Philly, Better Bring The Heat | Official 76ers (#4) vs. HEAT (#1) ECSF Thread

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups : HEAT: @Da_Eggman @Sauce Dab @Makavalli @Draje @Brief Keef @Breh Obama @intruder @Green Ranger @Primetime21 @G-Zeus @Rain @F K @in the NICK of time @Mirin4rmfar @DerrtySouthpaw @number21 @OfTheCross @Luke Cage...
  7. A Pimp Named Slickback

    Jimmy Butler signs multi year shoe deal with Li-Ning

  8. B

    Is 2020 wild enough to really give us a Heat vs Nuggets finals?

    Bruh:russ::dead: nobody saw this coming NOBODY
  9. Mr. Jack Napier

    Jimmy Butler & TJ Warren Scuffle, Jimmy Trolls TJ with Kisses

    :mjlol: :dame:
  10. ISO

    Jimmy Butler shows up for 10 AM Heat training camp at 3:30 AM

    To keep it a buck this nikka a cornball :hhh:
  11. JesusFOREVER

    The Defamation of Westbrook as teammate by media cacs is ridiculous

    Everyone talking about Westbrook and Butler in a locker room would be toxic and I’m like :mjtf: Why the hell is this reputation of Westbrook being a bad teammate still going on when that’s proven to be false multiple times? :what: Russ would run through a wall for his teammates breh
  12. William F. Russell

    EAST FEAST: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers 2018 Christmas Day Game Thread

    The 22-12 Philadelphia 76ers head to the TD Garden to face the 19-13 Boston Celtics on this 2018 Christmas Day matchup. The Celtics opened the season with a 105-87 victory over the Sixers in Boston. But that was well before Philly made a blockbuster deal for Jimmy Butler, allowing the Sixers to...
  13. William F. Russell

    Worlds Above Haters, Chicago. Got a 9 on Me. Call Me Rondo: Celtics vs. Bulls Playoffs Thread

    Regular Season Head-to-Head Results: October 27th in Chicago – Bulls won, 105-99 November 2nd in Boston – Celtics won, 107-100 February 16th in Chicago – Bulls won, 104-103 March 12th in Boston – Celtics won, 100-80 The #1 Boston Celtics face off against the #8 Chicago Bulls in the first round...
  14. King Jove

    Simone Biles & Jimmy Butler