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  1. FAH1223

    John Wall training with his South East Melbourne Phoenix players in Australia; Will he play in the NBL?

    Wall has been a part-owner of the club since 2020. Will he play with them? @Jermio @Black
  2. FAH1223

    John Wall makes his return to DC (in front of fans)!

    First time playing in DC in front of fans since December 2018 Ty Lue has him starting Gonna be in the building tonight It’s gonna be lit
  3. john wall ehhh.png

    john wall ehhh.png

    John Wall looking apprehensive.
  4. FAH1223

    John Wall breaks silence on joining Kawhi Leonard’s and Paul George’s Clippers

  5. ISO

    John Wall’s tats :dahell:

    I never noticed his tats was a bunch of random hood movies and record labels :dahell: Belly, Menace II Society, OTF, TMC, DC :dahell:
  6. FAH1223

    Would John Wall help the Lakers?

    Official poll
  7. J

    The John Wall situation

    Can someone explain this to me? Kevin Porter Jr. is better than him? I feel like Wall is the most talented player on the Rockets, and is being paid max money to sit and cheerlead. shyt seems weird as fukk.
  8. FAH1223

    Knicks interested in John Wall?

  9. B

    John Walllllll still a DOG

    Told you boys he still got it,still fast af and unguardable and hitting the 3 now:wow: He on a mission:sas2: 22,9,6 his first game back in two years the other night. 28,6,4 tonight Both W’s:banderas:
  10. Tha_Mac

    The Beard Might Need Shaving: 2020-2021 Houston Rockets Season Thread

    With Russ already traded to D.C. for Wall and Harden wanting out as well the season must still go on. The addition of John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Christian Wood and new head coach Stephen Silas might not be enough to entice Harden to stay...only time will tell. It all gets started December...
  11. FaTaL

    Westbrook to Wash for Wall

  12. EBK String

    John Wall wants out

  13. Mr Hate Coffee

    No thread on John Wall playing spades in the middle of an interview ?

    This shyt got me :laff:
  14. Anerdyblackguy

    Adidas and John Wall are in contract talks for a buyout.

    Sources: Adidas in talks to buy John Wall out of endorsement deal 10:41 PM ET Nick DePaulaESPN All-Star point guard John Wall and Adidas are engaged in ongoing buyout negotiations that will soon bring his five-year footwear and apparel endorsement deal to an end less than two years into the...
  15. Archangel

    The Washington Bullets/Wizards haven't won 50 games since 1978-79

    :dwillhuh: Thats 41 years. Was anybody on here even alive when these nikkas last hit 50? They are the only team in the NBA without a 50 win season in that span. Literally every other team top to bottom has had multiple 50+ win seasons except the Wizards... Yes even the bottom dwellers: Phoenix...
  16. FAH1223

    John Wall is one of the worst NBA players on the road

  17. FAH1223

    Rumor: Rich Paul trying to get John Wall to LAL for Ball, KCP and either Ingram/Kuzma/Hart

    It started as things do these days: some anonymous guy on Twitter posting something he said was absolutely, positively true. He said the Lakers were offering Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Wizards for John Wall. It seemed hard to believe, but it was just plausible...
  18. FAH1223

    Bullet to the Brain, Only Way It'll End: The Official Washington Wizards 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Another year, another Ernie extension through 2019. Another summer where retread veterans arrive. But the same delusional expectations abound. @thewiz703 @lochead @mastermind @ThatsRite2 @Black @Eddie Jordan @Mr swag @Spree At Last @Reggie @mrken12 @Rob's al Ghul @KBadd...
  19. Tunechi

    John Wall and Lil Wayne shot videos for '30 Minutes To New Orleans' and '6 Foot, 7 Foot' last night

    Last night, Lil Wayne and John Wall were spotted shooting videos for “30 Minutes To New Orleans” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot” at Wayne‘s indoor TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami. John also sat down with Weezy for an interview to discuss NBA and hip-hop. You can check out some behind the scenes footage from...
  20. B

    Flabby and sick Wall was funny,but we got Swole and healthy Bledsoe

    Wall need to take notes from his best friend :wow::wow: