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  1. Low End Derrick

    Kanye Rants Again About Zionists, Hov, GAP, Kim K, Drake, Adidas & More UPDATE: Azaleia Banks Chimes In

    Title inspired by @JordanWearinThe45 Main points: No one is with him, they didn’t speak out when he posted on insta about his kids, when adidas was screwing him, etc People have been threatening him if he keep up the anti semitic stuff by taking away his kids (he probably got very paranoid...
  2. Low End Derrick

    Kelis vs. Kim K (Babe Battle) [Sorry @PAWG Life for stepping on your toes]

    As inspired by this post: One simple question: Who yall got, Kelis or Kim K?
  3. BiggWebb79

    Look like Sway had the answers all along...

    How Sway will go down as a classic Kanye moment, but Sway was right all along:yeshrug:
  4. Low End Derrick

    Corniest Bars Of 2022

  5. Low End Derrick

    Kanye West Talks Family, His Mental Health, More in Reflective “Thanksgiving Prayer” Video