Kanye Rants Again About Zionists, Hov, GAP, Kim K, Drake, Adidas & More UPDATE: Azaleia Banks Chimes In

Low End Derrick

May 8, 2014
Title inspired by @JordanWearinThe45

Main points:

  • No one is with him, they didn’t speak out when he posted on insta about his kids, when adidas was screwing him, etc
  • People have been threatening him if he keep up the anti semitic stuff by taking away his kids (he probably got very paranoid and scared when he saw Harley and his hotel after being told that)
  • Politicians get support for free and the people get nothing
  • All points made throughout the rant:
  • Everyone kept telling him he can’t wear the MAGA hat
  • He doesn’t wanna hear any Jewish people say “he’s in a episode”
  • Harley Pasternak followed him to the hotel (afraid Harley was trying to kill him?)
  • “Harley Pasternak your trainer, Pusha, Harley Pasternak your trainer, JAY Z”
  • "People be hanging around people like Harley for money"
  • He's going to slap the shyt outta Mike Rubin when he sees him
  • “They sabotaged the show today, they sabotaged the instagram, they cut off the Adidas contract, then they wanna go get lightskin Ye (Jerry Lorenzo)
  • “Jerry is lightskin Ye”
  • They didn’t let Ye speak at Virgil’s funeral
  • He loves Drake, Trav but they gotta show up and not say he’s talking crazy
  • Pharrell and Ye in this together
  • A lot of people have something to say about the Jewish comments but nothing to say when he was praying about his kids
  • He prayed with Torrey Lanez when he posted that video about his kids that people would say something
  • He wasn’t allowed to see Chicago
  • They all saw the Kardashians keeping him away from his kids but said nothing so they shouldn’t talk about his political opinions
  • Jews stole America?
  • Trump isn’t getting Ye’s support unless he gets thug and Larry out
  • "Politicians think they just gonna get peoples support for free, what are they gonna do for us?"
  • French are colonizers and own 80% of banks in Africa
  • "60 million of Blacks of America, 60 million Jews in the world, 50% of black deaths are abortions"
  • "25% of blacks go to prison "
  • "Raise your hand if you DONT know one black in prison or poor or got an abortion. If he went to a Jewish community everyone would raise their hands "
  • Who makes the hospitals? (Implying Jews help with abortion?)
  • "Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye third party, sponsor that, bring your sponsors to that(3rd party in politics) "
  • He doesn’t care about life or death
  • He doesn’t get a say so with his kids.
  • "fukk head of LV (not Pharrell), fukk someone, fukk Demna and Balenciaga, fukk someone else, fukk GAP"
  • Room starts talking he tells them to shut the fukk up
  • “Ain’t no one with me I’m by myself, ain’t none of y’all n___ stand of up for
  • "Nobody with me, everybody here for a check?"
  • Half the people there are laughing at his raps
  • "When I ask one person to step up aint none of y’all step up. No famous people"
  • They see the Kardashians keeping his kids away from him and don’t speak up
  • North ripped the couches in the house to be able to be with Ye right now
  • No one knows what’s going on and they just are tik toking
  • Everyone say they with him, no one is, it’s just him and God
  • When he tried to see his kids they ain’t post, they didn’t care about the Adidas thing and call Adidas out for what they were doing
  • They let Adidas crash him
  • “I put up one tweet and Ari Emmanuel put up we got to drop this n____, and all n____ just watched”
  • "Only guy that got the trump hat, made millions, broke fashion boundaries"
  • He’s been called a faq when wearing tight jeans
  • People he take care of in Chicago that still trying to tell him? (Say his actions are bad?)
  • "Who runs the world: God runs the world, under that thousand year old families, under that the pope, under that financial groups that control everyone’s things, after that is Putin, trump, after that Hollywood. Take that run it in schools"
  • "When I put the tweet up I was dealing with a divorce lawyer, I explained to the lawyer what my issue was, and his response to me was “if you keep up this anti semitic rhetoric then you won’t see your kids”
  • "Y’all know who y’all playing with? This a vessel of god, im gonna burn all your shyt down”
  • Also says he's been followed by a hitman who kills celebrities.

He's currently on the way to Saudi Arabia again. He mentioned that he met with the leader of Saudi this month already but didnt elaborate on why.

The album is being mixed at the moment and probably will be out within a few days.

EDIT: Ye says black community is owed an apology

EDIT 2 : Azaleia Banks chimes in

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Low End Derrick

May 8, 2014
Wants to smack Mike Rubin

Speaks on the ‘New Body’ situation
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Scustin Bieburr

Baby baybee baybee UUUGH
May 3, 2012
We gonna have to deal with this c00n's incoherent and maniacal babble every album rollout until he either takes his own life or someone puts him in a facility.

Either way. I'm sick of this cat and his enablers.
The music ain't hitting

People don't want to wear his overpriced clothes

He sees the writing on the wall and he's blaming literally everyone else except himself.

Nobody told him to speak on the legacy of slavery.
Nobody asked him "what do you think of jews?"
Nobody told him to tell people what was going on in his marriage and air out their laundry in public
Nobody told him to make an overpriced mp3 player
Nobody told him to leave his concerts mid set

He made choices and is shocked that he's experiencing the consequences of his own actions. He's literally mentally ill with bipolar disorder and a narcissistic personality disorder. He genuinely refuses to take accountability because in his mind he's both a perpetual victim and a shot caller.

The few remaining embers of masculinity in his soul are slowly fading and pretty much gone. Now he just sounds like a bitter old ho complaining at the beauty shop talking about "men are trash" while everyone else has a man and is happy with him.
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Sep 15, 2014
I see Yeezy got the little thottie yesjulz on the payroll

sheit I would too