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  1. Low End Derrick

    Kanye Rants Again About Zionists, Hov, GAP, Kim K, Drake, Adidas & More UPDATE: Azaleia Banks Chimes In

    Title inspired by @JordanWearinThe45 Main points: No one is with him, they didn’t speak out when he posted on insta about his kids, when adidas was screwing him, etc People have been threatening him if he keep up the anti semitic stuff by taking away his kids (he probably got very paranoid...
  2. Low End Derrick

    North West Interview with ID Magazine "I'm the Best Ever"

    Talented, decent kid. Ye raising her right.
  3. Low End Derrick

    A$AP Bari Goes in On Former Kanye Associate for Being Pro Black yet Marrying a PAWG

  4. Low End Derrick

    HIT BOY vs. YE (Verzuz)

    As inspired by this post Who do y'all think got the better producer discog between Hit Boy and Ye in 2023? :jbhmm:
  5. Low End Derrick

    Kanye West - Life of the Party (Video) [2020]

  6. Low End Derrick

    New Kanye Snippet (Takes shots at Adidas, Gap, Chase Bank, Tom Hanks, Tariq/#FBA & Jay-Z)

  7. Low End Derrick

    Travis Scott brings out Kanye West for his first Utopia show in Rome

    The concert took place today at Circus Maximus. *BONUS* Celebrates by dancing to Black Eyed Peas and Young Thug:
  8. Low End Derrick

    Drake taking shots at Kanye/Adidas again “You look good, even though you got Yeezys on”

  9. Low End Derrick

    Kanye Dresses His Daughter North In Yeezy Hoodie With Likeness To KKK Masks

  10. Low End Derrick

    ¥$ (Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign) - Vultures 1 (Discussion Thread)

    EDIT: Tracklist out-
  11. Low End Derrick

    Albums Kanye West - Yeezus (10 Year Anniversary Celebration Thread)

  12. Low End Derrick

    Kanye Celebrates his 46th Birthday with Chlöe Bailey, Lil Durk, Freddie Gibbs, & Sushi served off a Naked Woman

  13. Low End Derrick

    Kanye West Spotted Getting Ice Cream W/ His Wife, Wearing Blue Sock Shoes and NFL Shoulder Pads

  14. RARI_Godwind

    Poppa Pimp Unknowingly Hollas at Kanye’s PAWG Wife

    https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTREhE9Hh/ Some saying she too nice. She was a lil too open to a convo that started with “you sexy” :mjpls: but she ain’t let it go on too long. Would y’all be mad? Seems like a stand up woman. She had good eye contact :ehh:
  15. Low End Derrick

    Cacs Over At r/Kanye are Finally Showing Remorse for not Cancelling Him after "Slavery Was A Choice"-gate

    Select comments:
  16. Low End Derrick

    No Thread on Racist Fashion Brand Balenciaga promoting Pedo Activity?

    https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/balenciaga-apologises-after-backlash-over-ad-that-featured-children-with-bondage-teddy-bears-3546011/amp/1 :sitdown:
  17. Low End Derrick

    Do These Pics & Videos Prove That (Black) People Still Love Kanye?

  18. Low End Derrick

    Kanye's Questionable Methods While Working on Nasir

  19. Low End Derrick

    Kanye Calls Out George Floyd's Babymother for Suing Him and for Wearing a Jean Hat *Update* Azealia Banks has Her Say

    Update: Azealia Banks chimes in-
  20. Low End Derrick

    Kanye West x Andrew Tate Collaboration Coming Soon?