kendrick lamar

  1. Alix217

    Kendrick Lamar ending his Glastonbury set with a pointed reference to RoevWade. #glastonburyfestival2022 #RoeVsWade

  2. Low End Derrick

    Kendrick Lamar Performs At Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week Show

  3. JadeB

    Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is superior to 95% of the rap albums made in the 90s

    I just completed listening to the album for the ninth time and I am convinced that it shyts on most rap albums released throughout the entire 1990s. The 90s were seen as a golden age for hip hop and rightfully so, but the levels of lyrical depth and production is almost completely unmatched. I...
  4. ISO

    Hilarious Kendrick album review :mjlol:

    I lost it when the nikka saluted Kendrick for having a “real nikka” like Kodak on the album and start banging on the table mocking the production :mjlol:
  5. CoolinInTheCut

    Forget Pusha T, Meek Had Some Of The Best Disses of The Last Decade

    I was going through old Kendrick shyt and got to the Control era, and then I remembered Meeks reply, and then remembered his whole beef with Cassidy and revisited all that shyt... this shyt slaps as hell when im listening to it with todays ears: idk why back then i thought Raid was better...
  6. Rembrandt

    Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers (5/13/22)

    New kung fu Kenny!
  7. TheDarceKnight

    Someone remade all of DAMN for the 5-year anniversary using just their voice :damn:

    This is wild af brehs :ohhh: All the samples, drums, bass lines, raps, features, etc. All this one dude's voice. The entire album. Duckworth sounds crazy.
  8. Dog Based Gremlin

    Pick 5 Random Numbers to Create Halftime Show Playlist

    5 songs you randomly selected to hear performed for the Halftime show Happy Superbowl Weekend :salute:
  9. knnymac

    Mixtapes & EPs How do you think Marcus Camby felt about the stray he caught on Ronald Reagan Era?

  10. Ziggiy

    Getting Closer To That Nas & K.Dot Track? They Now Share A Manager

    Kendrick Lamar has been switching things up behind the scenes as he readies his forthcoming album, which he announced will be his final release on Top Dawg Entertainment. The Compton rapper’s latest change is to his inner circle as he is now managed by Anthony Saleh, who also oversees the...
  11. 93 til

    Dre, Snoop, Em, Mary J. and K. Dot set to perform at SB Halftime Show

  12. Westbama Heartthrob

    Kendrick and Lupe Versuz Needs to Happen

    We need to settle this once and for all Who yall got in a 20 vs 20 battle? I'm going with the GOAT obviously :blessed:
  13. Waterproof

    Kendrick Lamar Season is Approaching…K. Dot Gives Details On Final TDE Album

    :ohlawd: :banderas:
  14. JadeB

    How come Kendrick and Drake never collabed again?

    I haven't seen them drop anything directly together since Poetic Justice in 2012 and indirectly since F*****g Problems in 2013. They've been arguably among the five biggest rappers of the last decade. What gives? Even Kendrick collabed with Taylor Swift a couple times.
  15. JadeB

    Anna Wise's verse on Money Trees appreciation thread

  16. Mufasa Ahadi

    Busts Rhymes - Look Over Your Shoulder (Ft. Compton Kenny)

    Compton Kenny :jbhmm: I wonder if he really did go to UMG.
  17. prophecypro

    Rumour: Kendrick is leaving TDE, PG Lang is his own label. Update: Kenrick kinda denies

    OnnThinIce has sort of become a pretty reliable source of info on hip hop news/exclusive info on twitter really (got the details and tracklisting for Nas album before anyone else, Drake's singles/album info, Uzi etc) Antixbound is someone connected to Kendrick and he had been on IG Live over...
  18. Code

    "After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick" - Big Sean

    wi - NHBSITD.mp3
  19. Playaz Eyez

    Who went harder on “Control”, Kendrick Lamar or Janet Jackson