1. valet

    Drake put 3 basketball players in his ig stories pics and you guessed it no Lebron

    SGA, Steph and KD. The boy definitely intentional in doing that when we know Lebron won the game. I wanna know what happened. It can't just be him taking sides in the beef.
  2. Sleepy Floyd

    It's time to come home, breh

  3. Snake316

    At this point, its getting hard to deny LeBron is the best to ever pickup a Basketball

  4. Unbothered

    On the court, LeBron James and Anthony Davis be like...

    Accurate asf 🤷🏾‍♀️😭🤣
  5. Don Homer

    The Only Team That Couldn’t Get A Win Against Denver in the 2023 Playoffs Were LeBron’s Lakers. EDIT: @jaydawg08 and @roger king Exposal Thread

    Very interesting :sas2: Once again. This proves my original point that Jimmy’s run is very impressive . LeBron has a team of lottery picks as well as another top 75 player but yet is the ONLY guy who couldn’t get a win against the Nuggets
  6. Don Homer

    Let's Not Forget that KD and Booker Managed to Take These Nuggets to 6 Games, LeBron and AD got Swept. KAT and Gobert Took Them to 5

    :sas2: Lebron has been swept in EVERY decade of his career you can add this to the list of blunders such as losing to JJ Barea and Dirk Nowitzki
  7. Ganso Bomb

    "No one fears LeBron" - Mario Chalmers

  8. DrexlersFade

    Micheal Jordan pointing out the obvious about Lebron James :mjlol:

    There are 6 finals losses in this photo your right your *Airness* it's that guy:mjlol:
  9. Ahadi

    Drake’s message to LeBron after he broke the All-Time Scoring Record

  10. Warren Peace

    LeBron: Yessir D Watson!! Another one. That boy getting his rhythm back! #Browns

  11. R

    Bron checks the media over Kyrie and Jerry Jones double standard

  12. K

    1st round of the world cup just ended and all the fully black nations lost to Europeans teams thanks to....

    Goals from black players who chose to play for the European team Ghana,Senegal, Cameroon all took the L. Another win for colonization Also shootout to the other 2 "African" teams Tunísia and morroco. They didn't take Ls
  13. DrexlersFade

    Jaylen Ramsey calls Lebron out for Capping something pathetic happens afterwards:mjlol:

    Imagine telling another grown man “hey don’t worry about that, you’re the King :mjlol: Bron was hurt too see how his posture changed :bron:
  14. Mjgrin Pawg Mjpls Bawg

    Mjgrin Pawg Mjpls Bawg

  15. KateFabersBoyfriend

    A Higher Court: The Messy Politics of the NBA

    A Higher Court The messy politics of the NBA. By Jeremy Gordon SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 Illustration by Andrew Kuo for The Joy of Basketball (Abrams), 2021. In October 2019, a scant few months before the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers were...
  16. Brolic

    LeGoat laughs at Coli troll

  17. Apprentice

    Are other NBA stars making LeBrons’s career look more respectable?

    This question is to people who don’t respect how LeBron’s changed teams constantly I seen these tweets KD, Kyrie, Melo, Harden, AD, etc. have all found ways to escape a current situation for another one mid contract, do u feel as that’s any different than how LeBron conducts his contractual...
  18. Brolic

    Bronny James stuntin like his daddy

  19. Rell Lauren

    LeGM on Westbrook's role next season: "Not my decision"