1. B

    Isaiah Thomas signs with Charlotte for rest of the season

    Congrats IT,even had some bytch boys on here who thought he couldn’t do it,I’m always right remember that,told y’all he’d get it done! THE MARATHON CONTINUES https://theathletic.com/news/hornets-to-sign-isaiah-thomas-for-the-remainder-of-the-season-sources/tLaf33KVwr1r/?amp=1
  2. DrexlersFade

    Joyner Lucas Feat. Rick Ross "Legends" Offical Video

    This joint nice:ehh:
  3. 315

    Just Wanted To Make a Thread To Give Roy Ayers His Flowers

    One of the all-time masters for me :wow: High Priest of Jazz/Funk/Fusion, whatever you want to call it Where Brooklyn at? :myman: Still doing amazing things with Adrian Younge Going off on the vibraphone :whew:
  4. kdslittlebro

    RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    Martyball was my first era as a little Chiefs fan :mjcry:
  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    Singles Benny The Butcher - Legend ft. Hit-Boy (Official Video)

  6. Boug92

    R Kelly - I Wish - Appreciation

    The GOAT :yeshrug:
  7. B

    Stop with the STEVE NASH disrespect

    Dude is a 2x MVP only him,Magic and Steph Curry can make that claim as PG’s Only 6 players in the HISTORY of the league have ever won back to back MVPS and Nash is one of them ONLY NBA PLAYER EVER with 4 50-40-90 seasons Led the league in assist 5 times 8x All-Star 7x All NBA selection and...
  8. knnymac

    Can we get a Master P appreciation thread going during these trying times?

    From features to solos, P was one of my favorite rappers for years. I can't be the only one, feel free to contribute. (Mysikal coming thru with one of most memorable opening verses in hip hop, then Mia verse with P on the hook:whew:
  9. B

    Alpo Martinez is a legend,certified killer and IS NOT HIDING.

    On top of running into nikkas talking greasy about him and taking pictures with them to show they p*ssy. Dude out here in broad day in the middle of Harlem riding dirt bikes with 100’s of other dudes :mjlol:
  10. Mr. Jack Napier

    The Legendary Mahmoud Abdul Rauf To Have Jersey Retired At LSU

    About damn time :wow:
  11. brownsugah

    Stevie Wonder’s “Rocket Love” Appreciation Thread

    Top 5 Stevie song for me. Stevie’s voice floats so effortlessly over the intricate production. We gotta give respect to Stevie. He’s truly one of the last legends we got left.
  12. brownsugah

    Singles Janet Jackson Appreciation Thread // Made For Now (Feat. Daddy Yankee) Out Now

    Happy Birthday to Janet! Celebrate the Legend here. :smile: @ghetto_dreams
  13. J

    Princes' Swag In This Clip Is Ungodly :wow:

    Stepped on that stage and shut it the fukk down :banderas:
  14. neko_804

    Iconic Legend Nas Performs with The National Symphony Orchestra. Full Episode

    For those who didn't get to see the full performance.:wow: Nas Live From the Kennedy Center: Classical Hip-Hop | Full Episode | Great Performances | PBS
  15. T.H.E. Goat

    Lyrically, Who Are Some Legends That Were Trash??

    I know there has to be a few legends that were trash on the mic, who are some in y'all opinion?
  16. LightSkinYeshua

    Prince checking out Mel B badonkadonk

  17. SirReginald

    James Brown Was That "BROTHA" (Had Dem Italians Worshipping Him "WITH VIDEO")

    He had them Italians groveling at his feet :wow: Brotha was the G-dfather of Soul. That Moor history especially in Sicily. I know he was in Northern Italy in 71' :stopitslime: I'm a proud Black man. Don't let these Ameri Anglos make you hate yourselves. We are the MOST emulated.
  18. InfamousThoro

    Tribute to Prodigy (One of the best P articles) RIP HNIC

    Prodigy had one of the best 'I don't give a fukk' attitudes ever. But at the same time he did give a fukk (read the article you see what I mean) This article has to be read by whoever hadn't had a chance to read it. RIP to a Legend :rip:
  19. Kenny West

    Does Kendrick have more classics than Nas?

    Kenny got 3 maybe even 4 arguable classics Nas has 1 definite and 1 or two arguables Similar skillset with storytelling and all Nas got him bar for bar Kendrick got him on delivery and definitely on beats
  20. JerseyBoy23

    Anyone Surprised That WWE Is Letting Legends Go To WrestleCon?

    I follow a few indie wrestlers and TNA people on social media and I'm noticing people like Ric Flair in their pictures at WrestleCon. I remember WWE used to dislike people attending non-WWE events but if Ric is there I'm sure anyone can do it. Are you surprised that WWE is letting legends go to...