1. Alix217

    Woman Hailed for Adding 'Sex Work' as Professional Experience on LinkedIn :beli:
  2. Ahadi

    Does this sound like division between black men & women or not?

    :snoop: EDIT: It gets worse So you go as far as defend “lantinx” & other groups. :mjlol: But not Black men.
  3. pickles

    Anyone here on Linkedin with +500 connections?

    Coli brehs on linkedin, how do you manage your connections when you have so many (+500). I don't even have anywhere near that but I get email blasted with "Do you know this person", so and so made this connection, do you know this person?.etc shyt is annoying. I guess there are filters and...
  4. Macallik86

    PSA brehs: Check your local library to see if you get LinkedIn Learning for free

    We are all about getting to the bag professionally here. This is the easiest way to stack your skillset (and resume) for free. They have access to hundreds of courses that are all professionally done and have been taken by millions in the professional world. Whether you are brushing up on your...
  5. Reginald Noble

    LinkedIN ProFinder for the Freelance/Consulting Market

    LinkedIn ProFinder - Hire a Freelance Professional | LinkedIn Brehs better get on this shyt and start eating