lloyd banks

  1. CoolinInTheCut

    Poll: Lloyd Banks - Greenday vs 50 Cent - Chase The Paper

    they both use the same sample, which one yall got? (they probably the same beat but they got different producer credits) Banks, Havoc, Mega - Greenday 50, Prodigy, Styles P, and Kidd Kidd - Chase The Paper
  2. ReturnOfJudah

    Lloyd Banks greats verses vol 1

    :picard: Banks went in
  3. ReturnOfJudah

    Wrong section

  4. N*E*R*D

    Why can't certain rappers reclaim that glow or spark they had?

    Had a spark when you started now you just garbage syndrome. I saw it happen to some of my favorite rappers. In sports, it's cool because age catches everyone, but music is a mental muscle that can be done for way longer. How can you go from making genre-defining music to being below average or...
  5. Tunez

    Vado previews new song featuring Lloyd Banks and Dave East

  6. Playaz Eyez

    Did New York go crazy for the club banger Eminem produced for Lloyd Banks??

    Was NY going up for this :whoo::whoo:??? Everybody moving and grooving and not mean mugging???
  7. TheDarceKnight

    Ransom & Lloyd Banks - Gluttony (prod. V Don)

  8. Tunez

    Singles Ransom x Lloyd Banks - Gluttony Produced by V Don; Friday 5/21

    Banks confirms
  9. Playaz Eyez

    #TBT G-Unit On "Beg For Mercy" Album & Why 50 Cent & Ja Rule Will Never Be Friends |106 & Park

    G-Unit let’s take it back :blessed: Even Jay-Z’s retirement is mentioned :skip:
  10. M4T

    Ross is still trolling banks

    Pasteboard - Uploaded Image Pasteboard - Uploaded Image Dudes gotta be a fan on the low
  11. Homey the clown

    Stunt 101 by G Unit appreciation

  12. Tunez

    New Lloyd Banks Freestyle Dropping Tomorrow???

    Just a warning
  13. TheDarceKnight

    Lloyd Banks wants to do a project produced half by ALC and half by Havoc

    Time-coded for 30:43
  14. RJThaGreat

    Chances of a Banks Tape for Halloween?

    :mjcry::mjcry::mjcry: We can dream. I remember the nostalgia and spookiness to a Banks tape on Halloween... :mjgrin::feedme:
  15. Suspicions

    Lloyd Banks - The Big Withdraw (Remastered)

    Lloyd Banks – The Big Withdraw LP (Remastered) (2019) Rapload – Hip Hop World Downloaded this but it doesnt really sound amazing quality wise...about to go with the Datpiff version that has more tracks
  16. Suspicions

    All the G-Unit radios

    Anyone have all the g-unit radios?
  17. reserved_one

    G Unit - You Need Me appreciation

    :wow: This shyt is so damn smooth..one of they're best songs imo. Even in the twilight of the theyre careers as a group they still was dropping fire. 50 knew this shyt was hot:wow: "It's a just a pinch mannnnnn, it's a sample":pachaha:
  18. Playaz Eyez

    Lloyd Banks Was So COLD on "Smile"

    Lloyd Banks is still nice now, but pre-flow change Banks :wow::wow::wow: And this was WAY better than 50's "21 Questions", by far
  19. Tunez

    Lloyd Banks is Pregnant

  20. Tunez

    Mixtapes & EPs New Lloyd Banks Mixtape Dropping on July 4th