1. RennisDeynolds

    Which one of yall can't hug your own grandad? "Bosses can't be hugged up with suckas!"

    Is this that toxic masculinity they speak of? :mjlol: Nobody hurts you like family :mjcry: m
  2. NoirDynosaur

    Aromanticism - Repulsed by the idea of romance

  3. TreySav

    Coli Brehs no longer tolerating City Girl behavior from brehrettes

    This the kinda time y’all on now? :mjlol: “Come get this shrimp” :damn:
  4. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    "The one who loves the least controls the relationship" true or false?

    True or False?
  5. Dog Based Gremlin

    Is it depressing having no girlfriend ya whole school experience?

    Im talking K-12 Whose fault is that? I been GMB before being GMB was a thang, plehboi :birdman:
  6. JadeB

    I hired a male sex worker for 2 hours just for him to hug and hold me

  7. LightSkinYeshua

    If you do not have a sex playlist, you are trash in bed

    I have two playlists for the bedroom. I have a hip hop one for when I am feeling like a real nikka. Im blasting 21 savage, Migos, Drake, Meg thee Stallion, City girls, Moneybagg Yo, etc. Then I have a r&b playlist when I'm long stroking my gf. Im knocking her down to Summer Walker, SZA...
  8. Pdiddy

    Video - Player Opens Women Up with Great Convo

    :yeshrug: Yo...I Plan To Go live on Youtube .....Pull up to get this smoke. Friday @ 7 PM. Wouldnt mind talking.
  9. Neuromancer

    How many couples has the Coli created?

    How coli couples do we have? I mean people who met on the coli and are together or even married? I know we used to have a few but is that still a thing?
  10. Westbama Heartthrob

    Black Men and Love on Screen

    Interesting watch And yes, it's over an hour for all you brehs with low attention spans :dry:
  11. Mr anansi

    Get married or become a rest haven?

    discuss thoughts. choose better...
  12. Sex Luthor

    Coli what y'all think? Black women talking about the moment they knew

    Their men loved them. What y'all think? Are they telling :duck: Personally I think the third one is just sad. I don't want this to be a race thread so assume they're talking about black men. Unless you can prove they're not talking about a black man keep that shyt to yourself.
  13. My Name Is My Naaame

    Name a better(in love)rap verse than this!

    2:14 Who can top that.real beautiful poetry:wow: Tears inducing words:mjcry: JERMAINE.....COLE??????:whew::banderas:
  14. Rhapsaerys Barkaryen

    How many relationships nowadays do you think started off as casual hookups?

    I'm guessing about 70%
  15. Vodun

    Do you believe a women's love for a man is conditional?

    Kind of piggy backing off of the thread about men crying in front of women. In my opinion I think is truly fukked up for a women who claims to love her dude feel a certain type of way when he express emotion like crying. Now I'm not talking about a batty man who cries on drop of a dime but a...
  16. CodeBlaMeVi

    Officially Married, Brehs...

    I was never GMB but I was HOHs. I’m a husband and got married to a real one for me. :mjcry:
  17. 987654321

    Announcement for theColi department of veterans affairs

    It’s been a long time coming, but SFC. Alwyn Cashe (KIA) is finally receiving his much deserved Medal of Honor, posthumously. Regardless of the moldy Cheeto being the one to finally sign off on it, I’m glad SFC Cashe’s family will receive the payment that comes with the award. Though it can’t...
  18. BornStar

    Poll: 1 Good Girl vs 1000 Bad Thots

    If you had the option would you rather have 3 kids by one wholesome good girl who is loyal, nurturing and in love with you or have no kids with 1000 thots of your choice but no relationship with them just fwb no love for the rest of your life
  19. DatLBCGuy562

    Would You Accept A Tax Free Payment Of $500,000 Right Now If It Meant That.... would never find love again?:jbhmm: You can get p*ssy. You can interact with women. You can have a girlfriend. But a woman would never love you again and you would never be in love. Would you accept the money or forego it in hopes of finding your true love and soul mate? For me? Easy...
  20. SAINT

    There's 35,000+ people on the Coli all i ask for is $25.

    look im not a begger, and i know this is asking a lot, but please find the kindness in your heart to think about this. all i need is $25 not even the full $25. if you have $10 or even $1 ill take it. so please please please lets band together and help a young bother fulfill his life long goal to...