lucha underground

  1. Playaz Eyez

    Mia Khalifa takes it hard from Thunder Rosa

    :picard: Right on her big boring titties
  2. JerseyBoy23

    Impact Wrestling VS. Lucha Underground - 4/6/2018 (Free To Stream On Twitch)

    Update here's the stream: Show will be streamed on Twitch for free on the Friday of WrestleMania weekend. Could end up being one of the bright spots of the weekend if they end up bring more guys in.
  3. Jisoo Stan

    bout to start Lucha Underground S1

    that ring announcer :obama: did y'all know that Matt Stryker and Vampiro were the announcers? :dwillhuh: Matt's fascination with Chavos hips :what: Konnan :lupe:
  4. V

    Lucha Underground will be in Austin, TX at sxsw on 3/15

    There's a live show and some conference presentation The Creation of Lucha Underground 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Ballroom AB, Four Seasons Lucha Underground Live 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM | Austin Music Hall SXAméricas Confirms Lucha Underground Live and More
  5. Pinyapplesuckas

    The Great One/WWE Promoting the competition...

    edit: they removed it... The Rock posted this photo and WWE retweeted it...then after all of the comments about Lucha Underground they removed the retweet lol Sorry if already posted....thought this was interesting.
  6. Malcolm Joseph

    BEST IN THE WORLD 2016: Which Wrestler has the Crown?

    Which wrestler is the GUY in professional wrestling right now, I know there are plenty of names that you argue for, but to make this argument more fruitful I am establishing my own criteria for what makes up the best in the world. CRITERIA: Mic Skills/Out-of-ring talent: Working the audience...
  7. V

    Cornette on Lucha Underground

    Stolen from another board. Cornette is an old out of touch coot but he still has a point, their overboard novela style makes RAW look like the golden age of All Japan This fukking Lucha Underground horse shyt. That is the most heinous horse shyt that I’ve ever seen in my life. We joked off the...