mamba mentality

  1. Legalese

    Gun owner shoots and kills car thief, family of theif believe its a wrongful death

    the audacity:childplease: nikkas reach for much less
  2. Nero Christ

    The Last Great Season of Kobe Bryant : 2012 - 2013 GOAT highlights

    the desire to get the playoffs :wow: fighting not to let the people down :wow: fighting to live up to the expectations:wow: every night battling trying to get to the finish line :wow: he wouldn't let them fail :wow: GOAT shyt :wow: but not getting to experience the fruits of his labor...
  3. Hov

    The #MambaMentality Thread: Insight, Support & Motivation

    What up y’all! I wanted to fulfill a promise that I made early in on Kobe mourning thread. Basically, as a member of The Coli & SOHH, I have been enjoying these boards, telling stories, arguing sports, etc for 20 years at this point. I’ve changed in real life as an adult, but it’s time for...