1. B

    Gov. Greg Abbott says marijuana pardons will not be happening in Texas Meanwhile, Abbott's Democratic gubernatorial opponent Beto O'Rourke vowed to legalize marijuana in the state if elected. Ariana Garcia, Chron Oct. 7, 2022Updated: Oct. 7, 2022 11:50 a.m. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott...
  2. JadeB

    Brittney Griner might be sentenced up to 5 years in Russian labor camp

    Brittney Griner could spend 5 years in Russian labor camp, expert says MOSCOW - U.S. Olympic gold medalist and WNBA champion Brittney Griner could face up to five years in a Russian labor camp after she was arrested in the country last month, an expert said. Griner, a 31-year-old Phoenix...
  3. Rhule the World

    Why does weed not work for me?

    :unimpressed: I've smoked weed 5 times in my life, and ate edibles 3 times, last time over the weekend. Getting high always ends in me being in my own head and feeling paranoid/anxious/depressed. Wtf is going on??? Am I not getting the right stuff or is it just not for me? What's worse is that...
  4. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Launches Cannabis Brand GKUA Ultra Premium [Video]

    It looks like Lil Wayne is about to get into the weed business after he has announced a joint partnership with GKUA Ultra Premium. Wayne will be releasing a line of high-potency cannabis products aimed to give customers the best high of their lives. You can check out a trailer below. This...
  5. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    Let's give it up for DOCTOR Marijuana Pepsi :lawd: #BlackExcellence

    Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, a 46-year-old woman from Wisconsin, was teased for much of her life for having an uncommon name, however, she never changed it. This past week, she silenced those trolls when she earned her PhD in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University, after...
  6. Unknown Poster

    More Black folks need to get into the legal recreational/medical weed game.

    Imma be honest....from the outside looking in there is opportunity....just a high barrier of entry. Best believe that black folks is working in these dispensaries...and making money Its just the red tape and money involved in opening one. But not just dispensary stuff. But getting into the...
  7. SirReginald

    Marijuana May Make Exercise More Enjoyable, Boost Recovery

    New study shows that 80% of regular marijuana users consume cannabis shortly before or after their workouts — and most find it brings numerous benefits. BOULDER, Colo. — Looking for a little extra kick to your post-workout protein shake? Perhaps adding some marijuana to the mix will do the...
  8. Black Panther

    Elections Matter: St. Louis County Will Stop Prosecuting MJ Possession Under 100 Grams

    St. Louis County Will Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Possession Under 100 Grams This is the breh who replaced Bob McCullough, the County Prosecutor who refused to indict the cop who shot Mike Brown in Ferguson. :leon: McCullough was ousted and replaced by Wesley Bell because...Black people VOTED...
  9. Amestafuu (Emeritus)

    Can you get a virus from passing around Blunts/Joints in a cypher?

    As a smoker I've avoided cyphers for years now but once in a while I get caught in one. I prefer not to. I don't trust anyone... call me a germaphobe :manny: What else are we passing around on that blunt? The current stats for Herpes are :picard: Marijuana Products Can Help Stop The Spread...
  10. Amestafuu (Emeritus)

    Phillip Morris Tobacco Giant jumps into the Marijuana game.

    :mjlit: It has begun.. Avoid these demons and their products.. Tobacco company Altria Group to invest $2.4B in Canadian cannabis producer Here comes more monsanto weed that is irradiated.. a process that is already marred in controversy. Big corps, Industry production and the undercutting...
  11. Yo Mama

    Weed Tea

    Does anyone here drink weed tea? Any tips, recipies, warnings? Smoking and baked goods are out of the question. I tried to smoke but it was not even remotely pleasurable. Im not a baked goods fan, plus am fighting the fat.
  12. Tug life

    Anyone buying marijuana stocks?

    The market is on fire right now in the Canadian medical marijuana field. Canada will legalize recreational use of marijuana on October 17,2018 and the market is responding. Big name liquor brands are partnering with medical marijuana companies, causing certain stocks to rise fast. I brought some...
  13. Reality Check

    Chuck Schumer: Time to Decriminalize Marijuana

    :lupe: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has to be fuming about this Full Thread from him:
  14. Jimi Swagger

    California Jack in the Boxes will test late-night meals aimed at pot smokers for $4.20

    Taking advantage of the legalization of marijuana in California in 2018, Jack in the Box is testing a new late-night meal package in Long Beach that’s aimed at satisfying post-pot cravings. It is partnering with Merry Jane, digital media company supported by Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg, to...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    San Bernardino Police Find Largest Indoor Marijuana Operation

    A marijuana growing operation spanning three facilities that were not properly permitted was discovered in San Bernardino on Wednesday and the woman who owns the properties was taken into custody, police said. Two of the locations were large warehouse spaces while a third was a residence that...
  16. Jimi Swagger

    The California Marijuana Tax Problem: Why Prices Could Increase 70% in 2018

    By Grace Donnelly November 6, 2017 Buying weed in California is about to get less risky and much more expensive. A patchwork of new policies, including special taxes, will roll out in the state before sales of recreational marijuana begin at the start of 2018. California will include a 15%...
  17. SirReginald

    Do You Prefer A Blunt Or Bong?

    In some ways I prefer the bong, but you feel the spirit quicker with the blunt so they say :obama:
  18. Rhule the World

    Do you know anyone that smokes cigarrillos?

    I just seen a nikka bust a Dutchmaster out the pack and light it up and smoke it:why: I'm dumbfounded
  19. j.smooth4

    If you smoke weed please watch this, seriously.

    Please be careful driving out there. Even if you don't drive after smoking. Cops can arrest you for DUI with no proof and even if your sober. Another reason not to smoke weed. Especially if you live in Cobb County Georgia. Cliffs on video: -They gave all three of those people duis and...
  20. SalamiAttack

    Trump & Co. trying to reclaim the 13th - Stronger Pot Laws

    White House hints at crackdown on recreational marijuana :stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime::stopitslime: Sessions on enforcing federal marijuana laws: ‘It won’t be an easy decision’ In his Senate...